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Hi, I’m Julius

PP number: PP1304


Names: Julius



Eclectus Male


Adoption fee: £350



Julius is a typical eclectus, loves his fruit and time out , loves exploring and the company of other birds .



Julius came into us through no fault of his own.


Current Presentation:

Julius came in to us with a very poor diet and lots of feather loss.
Poor diet has led to him having a heart murmur, he is on meds for this twice a day , he will not stress and take it nicely as long as wrapped in a fleece. Pp will pay for his on going medication.
Julius is a talker and mutters shouts hello and whistles regularly. He love to be free to wander about especially around the floor. He gets on well with other birds .
He can be cage aggressive with food and hands in his cage we are working on this and making progress .
He’s not a hands on bird but will happily just sit and watch the world go by in the window, or spending time out In the aviary, he’s not a great toy lover but will play when he feels like it.



Julius diet is very important in the am he has chop with lots of fresh herbs in as well as dried he loves this and gets a very mucky beak ! He also has fruit in this but not to much, more exotic fruits pls .
Tea time is a small amount of as30 he loves this too .
Treats anything! He loves all nuts .



We are working on letting him know hands in cages are ok . Also a little target training.
But mainly learning him to trust and feel safe , to enjoy his environment.



Julius will make a great bird with time and patience, he will certainly make you laugh and chase your feet . He’s a soppy baby in a fleece. He loves to be talked to all day long . Seems to prefer females but ok with men .
He’s seen a small dog pass his cage with no issues .
With correct diet his feathers will slowly return, we already have some .
I believe he has a lot to give the right person with time and effort.
If you think you can offer him his second chance then get applying .


Location: Derbyshire

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