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Hi, I’m Jojo

PP number: PP1345


Name: Jojo


Species: Amazon


Adoption fee: £300




Hi folks I’m JoJo. I’m a gentle chap who likes to keep an eye on my new house, as far as I’m aware I’m over twenty years old and a bright little spark.



I was with my lady for over twenty years right from a very little flapper to now. But she had to go away and wasn’t able to look after me as she would have liked. So I came to my safe house. Now I did have a little bit of a plucking issue, since moving I’m doing a lot better and my new feathers are growing well.


Current Presentation:

I think my new people have realised that I’m a gentle soul who does like to interact and chat, especially if I can see you on the phone. So then I speak up more so the person the other end can hear me too. But also that I can be a little wary at times especially of the little man when he visits as he does move a bit quick for my liking. The man in the house is ok and am quite happy to gently take a snack from him. But when I’m not sure I will back off and give a squawk. I do this also when people reach in my cage but I back off rather than attack as they are still learning!!

I’ve taken to my new lady as we spend more time together and so I will flap over for scratches or sidle over on my perch so she can reach through the bars if I’m in. I like to be out as much as possible which is mainly when my people can be with me

I’m not adverse to a good spray which gives me chance to keep clean and shiny.

I do love it best when I can fly free and explore when I want, and am not fussed by the dogs even though they seem fascinated by me. So me being kind I do drop them the odd seed and bark along with them now and then.

I tend to get up with my lady as the man is up way too early, I then have my seed a little before bed around 8pm.



I’m a little bit of a free spirit who likes to explore and keep an eye on my new house, I do have some words and can be chatty at times. Not bad at whistling either. I’m very gentle when accepting fruit and snacks from hand and don’t even mind the little man. I do go to my safe house mom for head scratches and fuss as we spend more time together. It only took me a few days to settle in and become more comfortable. Now, I am very good most of the time and tend to go back to my cage to toilet. I’m not perfect but very good and seldom forget.

I don’t do step up yet but I am a quick learner and with time and patience I’m sure I could get the hang of it.



I do enjoy a variety of fruit and veg in the day and more than happy to amble over to take a grape which I do love best. And of the evening I do let my people know when it’s seed time!!



I’m happiest when I can sit on my cage and keep an eye on my new house, I enjoy chatting with my people and communicating. But do like bobbing along to music too. Now and then I will decimate my toys and boxes but only when I feel like it. I am a very good climber



I think I would be best suited in a calm house with people who have time to sit and chat and play with me, although I’m quite happy with some music and my toys too. I’m my own bird who will quite happily chill out and watch everything that is going on.

I do like people but make friends in my own time. I’m ok around small people but wary when they move quick. I am more likely to back away and will give a warning squawk. The dogs don’t really phase me and I sometimes bark along with them, the humans tend to keep us apart when I’m out to play safe.

JoJo knows how to make you smile and will make a great friend to the right person or family


Location: Wednesbury

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