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Hi, I’m Jojo

PP number: PP1262


Name: Jojo


Species: African Grey


Adoption fee: £300



hi my name Jojo I came into problem parrot due to no fault of my own, my previous owners worked a lot so
I wasn’t getting the interaction I desire. I’m not to sure how old I am but age doesn’t matter.


I’ve been moved around a lot in the past and I’ve never been out of my cage. This will be my 4th home so I’m hoping this is my forever home.


Current Presentation:
I am a big beautiful boy ( they keep saying I am a boy but who knows I might be a girl). I am fully feathered and flighted.

I have no previous training as I’ve never been let out of my cage.. so my safehouse is going through some basic training with me which requires me to step up, I dont even understand that word or meaning so this may take a while.


I am on as30, and fresh fruit and veg. I love broccoli and I do like to try a bit of anything I’m not really that fussy. My favourite treat is a cashew nut I may be bribed to step up if you have one of those.


I have never really took an interest in toys my safehouse keeps giving me all these new toys and I dont no what to do. I have started to enjoy foot toys they can keep me entertained for a while. I like to be sat on top of my cage watching my surroundings everything is so new to me as I’ve always been behind bars and now I have all this freedom I don’t no what to do. But I think I like this.


Jojo is a beautiful boy, he is very wary of hands as he has never had any training, he can be a bit cage
territorial as hes been in his cage so long he think that’s his cage no one can touch it. This is working
progress with jojo the more confident he gets the less cage aggressive he gets. He will need a lot of
time and patience and reassurance to build up that confidence. He has no preference to Male or female
and hes never shown any aggression toward children, a confident carer will do him some good and help
him build up some confidence. Hes happy just sat on top of his cage all day watching what’s going on
around him, he takes treats from your hand but he just needs some patience and interaction. He loves
to sing and dance his favourite song his Disney robin hood theme tune.
So overall jojo is a lovely lad and a pleasure to safehouse he goes straight in his cage at bed time no
fuss, he isnt destructive or loud. He just need someone confident who has alot of time and patience to
train him.


 Location: Northwich

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