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Hi, I’m Joey

PP number: PP1419


Name: joey


Species: cockatiel


Adoption fee: £30



Hello everyone let me introduce myself my name is Joey, I’m a handsome cockatiel. I’ve been in my
safehouse now a few weeks with mum and dad there is also a dog here which I only see when I’m safely in my cage but he
doesn’t bother me at all, there is also some big and small birds here, I love listening to the bigger ones chatting and singing
but mum wont let us small ones out with them so us small ones are let out in the lounge with mum & dad which I really
enjoy, I’m not a good flyer yet and tend to crash into walls lol but mum says I’m getting better. Mum & dad says I’m a
lovely friendly bird even though I’m still scared of hands but I am getting better slowly. I get to come out my cage every
morning around 8am but sometimes I’m just happy sitting in my cage playing with my toys especially my foraging tray
mum makes us all or my lil ball. I haven’t shown any preference to men or ladies and enjoy them talking and singing to me.



Joey came into problem parrots through no fault of his own, his previous owner only had Joey a
short while before passing away leaving nobody able to care for Joey long term so family made heart wrenching decision
it was in Joey`s best interest to be rehomed and they entrusted in problem parrots to find Joey his perfect forever home
he deserved.


Current Presentation:

Joey is an amazing  little bird with a huge character he loves playing with his toys especially his
foraging toys or tray he also loves his lil ball which he throws all around bottom of the cage he also enjoys swinging on
his swing. Joey loves coming out cage with the other small birds & very often will land on a humans head lol, joey isn’t a
good flyer at the moment & tends to fly into walls etc but he is getting better slowly, sometimes joey will go back in his
cage to play with his toys. His still unsure of hands but is slowly getting used to them. Joey loves all humans especially
sitting talking & singing to him. Joey is a good eater & enjoys his fresh veg raw or cooked he has some fruit as well. Joey
loves his bird bath & being sprayed. He wakes at 8am then bedtime is 8pm.



Teaching Joey to trust hands & step up, also currently doing target training to help with his landing skills.



Fresh veg / fruit, Tidymix parakeet seed mixed with zupreem fruity pellets.



Foraging toys, ropes, wooden blocks, paper / cardboard, his swing lil balls, fresh air, uv lamp, human
company, being sprayed or his bath filled up.



Joey is an amazing sweet bird he loves playing with his toys especially the foraging ones. He enjoys being out
cage flying around with the other birds. Joey enjoys taking a bath in his bird bath but accepts being sprayed too. Joey has
no preference to men or ladies & enjoys all humans company. His still a little unsure of hands but is progressing . Joey is
an amazing eater & will always try new foods. Joey is out cage from 8am until 8 pm. He is no trouble at all and a real
pleasure to safehouse.



South wales

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