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Hi, I’m Joe

PP number: PP473


Name: Joe


Species: CAG


Adoption fee: £300





Hi my name is Joe. I am a male African grey. Not too sure on my age, but age doesn’t really matter. I am just looking for my forever home.



I have come back into the charity through no fault of my own, I am a lovely boy just give me the chance to show you.


Current Presentation:

I am a beautiful boy with pristine feathers, I  like to take a lot of care of myself. I can fly but i prefer to walk around the floor or sit on the top of my cage dancing and singing, or just having a chat with you.



I am still learning to trust my safehouse mum and dad but if you give me some more time I’m sure I will get the hang of it. I don’t mind the odd stroke on the beak but that’s all.



I love all types of fruit and vegetables, I’m not fussy. I love my apples, broccoli, grapes, orange and even cucumber, and lots more. I love my as30 seed as well. I do enjoy a little piece of toast, yummy.



I have a lot of toys to play with in my cage. I like to pull on my ball with rope, and also like to ring the bell. My favourite thing to do is sit on the top of my cage and sing and dance. I like to wander around the floor as well.



Joe is an absolute pleasure to  safehouse, I never knew how funny and intelligent parrots can be. He learns so fast and is already shouting my name.  His vocabulary is great and has all sorts of phrases he comes out with and he’s getting better by the day with his words. Every night he will say “Going to bed” and “Goodnight” when he is being covered up. And if you start being too loud he isn’t shy in telling you to “shh be quiet” .  In the morning when uncovering he will say “Good Morning”  and then the conversation starts, from there  “What are you doing?” then to a quick game of “ Peepo”, to “Come on then” , “Hello”.  He takes on so many noises to the dogs barking,coughing, laughing and even the local buzzard he must hear throughout the day.  Joe is the most loving bird and just wishes for his forever home so he can be relaxed and not have to worry where he’s going next. Even when you’ve had a rubbish day and not feeling too good Joe just makes you smile, he will have a good sing and dance and love the song  ann marie and ksi =  don’t play games.  He copies all the whistles, and even when having a cup of tea in the morning he copies the swallowing noise, and he will ask for a “ cup of tea”. He has his fruit in the morning which he often asks for his “piece of apple” and then maybe a little piece of toast when the kids have their breakfast before school. Just as we leave for school and work in the morning he always shouts “ see you later”.   Joe is a fantastic bird with a lot of potential and definitely deserves to find his forever home and will make someone a great pet, and companion. He has a great character and isn’t bothered if your male or female he has no preference just wants to be loved.  He isn’t a fan of hands, he will take his fruit from you gently but is wary of being touched but i definitely know with the right person who can spend time and show him love he will be a fantastic pet.  So if you think you could joe his forever home which he so much deserves, please get in touch.


 Location:  Northwich

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