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Hi, Joe

PP number: PP473




Species: CAG


Cage supplied: Needs a new cage


Adoption fee: CITES





Hi all my name is Joe. I am a very content gent and love to dance and sing along to madness songs , I have some great moves , I love spending time out of my cage and am very good at flying. Whilst I do love company i#m not keen on being touched , my other home never really paid me any attention. I have been at my current safe house for about 3 months now and recently I have allowed the occasional head rub and happily sat om 1 of my humans for a while, I do like thee humans as they have changed my diet to some really yummy food. I get daily freshly prepared chop and I also get AS30 seed min that my human slave gets from Scarlett parrots. I think id prefer a place where I can get the attention and time a gent like me needs to flourish. I speak loads and always say goodnight when my cover gets put over my cage at 8:30 pm, I like a good lights sleep . I love shredding news paper, i’m very easy to put to bed at night, just put me my yummy food in my cage then ill go in there by my self

If you think you can offer a well mannered gent like me a loving home please apply to adopt me.



My previous owners did not have the time to offer me the attention I need.


Current Presentation:

I am in top condition.



None really but id like to learn please.



Fresh veg in a chop. I like grapes and apples and also love AS30



Love shredding paper and playing with my toys.



With the right person who can offer me time and encouragement I feel I would accept a more hands on life, I just need to trust you and this will take a little while, but ill get there with the right person


Location: Essex

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