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Hi, I’m JJ

PP number: PP1434


Name: JJ


Species: Congo African Grey


Adoption fee: CITES


Cage Supplied: Yes



Hello, I am JJ, a 14-year-old Congo African Grey. I am very easy to please and love to sit on my cage relaxing. I am very much a typical African Grey parrot and like to chatter and whistle but I am not too loud. I am somewhat timid and unsure of things at first, but if you give me enough love, have patience, and give me time to adjust, I have the potential to be a wonderful companion.



I am 14 years old. My previous owners looked after me very well, but made the difficult decision to rehome me as a result of their personal circumstances. I am being rehomed through no fault of my own.


Current Presentation:

I am currently in perfect condition and am a stunningly beautiful parrot. I have no missing feathers and am an avid cleaner; I love to bathe in my water bowl and preen myself all day.



In the time that I have been in my safehouse, I have come out of my shell slowly and I am showing my potential to be a very sweet boy. I am not a fan of hands and will only step up on an arm when I want to so this will need to be worked on. I can be very skittish so will need to be introduced to new environments and noises slowly so that I can adjust at my own pace. I will also need training and encouragement to help me fly confidently as I sometimes doubt my abilities.



I was on a diet of coloured pellets before I came into the charity, but I now enjoy a varied diet of AS5 seed mix supplemented by an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables. I love fruit and particularly like grapes.



I have a lot of rope toys in my cage that I enjoy playing with but I am much happier watching the world go by whilst singing and talking. I love spending all day out of my cage. I am learning to trust people more each day and like watching and following people around the house.  I love to listen to the radio and dance to the music. I need to be introduced to new toys slowly because I can be very wary of unfamiliar objects.



JJ is a very laid back, relatively low maintenance bird. He is an independent, mostly well-behaved parrot who is not destructive. He is friendly to everyone and has shown no issues with meeting new people. He will need some training to improve his flying and confidence, but with the right family he has the potential to make a great companion. He doesn’t have a preference towards males or females and is fine around children of any age. With time and patience, JJ will learn to trust you and he is going to make one family very happy.


Location:  Cheshire

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