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Hi, I’m Jimmy

PP number: PP930


Name: Jimmy


Species: African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes 


Adoption fee: £CITES



Before I came to stay with my SH Mum and Dad in May 2019, I stayed in a little cage for many years and so I am quite wary about coming out but I have been super brave, my SH Mum and Dad put a perch on the cage door and kept leaving it open, in February I climbed just onto the wire of the door a few times, then my SH Dad put a pistachio onto the perch and well, you know how scrummy they are, I pulled up my brave pants and got onto the perch to eat my reward and then continued to do this nearly every day after that.

There is an umbrella cockatoo and sun conure that live here and I’m not bothered by them as long as they don’t touch my cage of course.

My SH Mum says I’m a good boy as I eat my veggies and absolutely love the odd grape. I love being sprayed aswell, when my SH Mum grabs the spray bottle I start lifting my wings a little looking forward to spray time.

My SH Mum and Dad love the beautiful whistles and noises I make including the McDonalds tune, UFO and the odd burp.

My SH Mum and Dad have been extremely patient with me as if you go to touch me I will bite, but if you spend time I will put my foot in my mouth and let you stroke my head but its best if you are careful. I have also stepped up onto my SH Mum and Dad after lots and lots of time and reassurance. I will also make a kiss sound and let you stroke my beak through the bars.

I hope to find my forever home soon.

Lots of love Jimmy

 Location: Holbeach, Lincolnshire

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