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Hi, im Jimmy

PP number: PP1363





Species: LSC Lesser Sulphur Cockatoo



Adoption fee: 275



My Name is Jimmy and sometimes I like to be called Jimmy Choo. I came into the charity through no fault of my own.

I will tell you more about me and my character below. Enjoy!



I am only 5 years old so I am still learning how to be a good boy. My safehouse mum says I am most of the time a very well behaved cockatoo and curious with it.

I did not get out of my cage much in my previous home as I had tendencies to bite and nip my previous owners but I did let them stroke me sometimes when I was in my cage only a little at a time. They gave me my favourite veg and always gave me boxes to chew on which I did enjoy though and I was loved so it was difficult for them to let me go.


Current Presentation

I am in good condition with almost all my feathers, I have just minor patches on my legs where I used to pluck. Safehouse mum says I am a tatty looking bird but a beautiful one. Every time I have showers with the spray bottle (which I still do not like), I climb under my coloured toys and the colours run into my nice white feathers. I am currently molting but safe house mum says I am doing such a great job of looking after my new feathers growing in too.


Jimmy needs huge boundaries.

PLEASE NOTE!! He has an hour maximum of playtime alone, as he bites or attacks the others even when they are in their cages.

Rewards with treats and toys are effective but only for short periods. Jimmy does not like to be told/asked to do something even with rewards at times more so when something more interesting catches his eyes and he will consider biting you first when you try and intervene so you MUST be able to deal with a nip or 2 to stand your ground with him. This does need continuous work,  being it target or clicker training.

Remember he is still a baby, and he is extremely trainable with the right WOMAN!



AS30 and Harrisons – also loves Passion fruit, grapes, apples, mango, Broccoli (his favourite veg), baby carrots, peas etc.


Boxes, general wooden toys he loves to break apart, his favourite toy in his cage is his extra-large ring rope swing. He loves a blanket to play with as long as it is a soft one.

He adores cuddles but try and keep him on your knee and not the shoulder as he becomes over soppy and nips the face, he is learning however, how not to whilst on the shoulder and when ready he will climb down to knees.



Jimmy is a lady’s boy and will attack any males. He does need a stubborn, confident woman who can tolerate a bite/nip or 2 while training him. As a young man on his own he would no doubt shine brighter, gain the full attention of just that one special person he desires.

Jimmy is a typical young boy, curious and into everything. He needs a home where there are NO OTHER PETS I stress this wholeheartedly as he struggles deeply to mix with other birds and has nipped 2 of them already despite being in their cages.

Jimmy also will peep under covers of other cages to get to birds though this seems to have his curiosity on a higher level when he is not certain what to expect. when he does know, he will bite which is not favourable to the birds in the cage.

This will include any other pets in the house. if Jimmy can get to them, he will.

Jimmy can NOT be homed with CHILDREN due to his nipping and biting regardless of their age!!

If you feel you can offer this loveable rogue a perfect home, then please click that apply button.


Location: Greater Manchester

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