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Hi, We are Jim, Rose, Presley & George

PP number: PP1106, PP1107, PP1108, PP376


Name: Jim, Rose, Presley & George


Species: Cockateils


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £40




Hi my name is Jim and I live with my friends Rose, Presley and George. We love being cheeky chappies to our safe house mum.

My previous owner kept me and my above friends together in the same cage and said that I could step up and be taken from the cage, the other would step up but didn’t like leaving the security of the cage. We enjoy eating fresh fruit and veg as well as boiled eggs. Our ages and any information on our history or health is unknown.

Current Presentation
Our safe house family have kept myself and my friends together as we are happy with this arrangement. I have stepped up onto my safe house mum’s hand but I get scared when she tries to take me out, so I hiss at her and she gives me a bit of a pamper inside the cage but still haven’t summed up the courage to leave the cage. My friends have never stepped up onto our safe house mum’s hand. We all love it when we are sprayed with warm water instead of a bath.

My safe house family are trying to gain our trust but it’s on our terms but we still find it all too scary.

In my previous home we were fed budgie seed as well as fresh veg and boiled eggs. Since arriving at my safe house our diet has been changed so that we are now eating AS30 which we all love except the dried chillies. We eat a variety of fresh fruit and veg which goes down a treat. My safe house mum has given us boiled eggs but we keep scooping them to the bottom of the cage untouched.

Because I am scared to leave the cage and my friends my safe house family have placed a swing for us along with hanging toys for us to chew on. We are also given cardboard and paper to destroy which I love doing!!

Jim, Rose, Presley and George will be adopted together as they have always been together. Jim is grey in colour and has an adorable character. Rose is yellow in colour, she has a strong bond with Jim. Presley is yellow and grey in colour but still not sure of us as is George who has the same colouring as Presley but there is a bit of black there too. They will tell you if a situation isn’t making them happy chappies. Because of the lack of training they will need to find a forever home that can give them lots of love and patience. They all have very individual characters and are curious about you and their surroundings.

 Location:  South Wales

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