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Hi, I’m Jed

PP number: PP741


Name: Jed


Species: White Capped Pionus


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £150




Jed is a lively and lovely boy who needs/demands a lot of attention, which we are working on, as he can be very loud if he can’t see you.

He loves teenagers, and can become very protective of that individual. He also has little big bird syndrome. Particularly doesn’t like my greys and will attack them. So staggering “outime” will be a must.


I don’t know about his history or background. I am his second safe house mum.

Current Presentation:

Loves his showers, and is more tolerant of being touched on his wings and chest. Previously he would not allow anyone to touch them, other than to tickle his head.

Loves fruit and veg, and chop. Enjoys chewing cardboard and paper and loves to shoulder surf.

I’ve been teaching him to fly from one person back to me on command for treats and he is doing so well. Very proud of him.


As above.


Fruit veg and chop.


Loves paper and cardboard and swinging on his many toys


Most probably would be beneficial for him to be with birds of his own size. Or an only bird. He doesn’t mind others and ignores the lovebirds completely.


Location: Croydon

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