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Hi, I’m Jed

PP number: PP741


Name: Jed


Species: White Capped Pionus


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £150




Jed has a huge personality in a smaller bird. He loves teenagers and they are his favourite. But if there are not any, he is quite happy with whoever else he can shoulder surf on.


I don’t know about his history or background. I am his second safe house mum.

Current Presentation:

He really loves his showers and he currently has 2-3 a week. He is also more tolerant now of being touched on his wings and chest. Previously he would not allow anyone to touch them, other than to tickle his head.

Loves fruit and veg, and chop. Enjoys chewing cardboard and paper and loves to shoulder surf.

He loves head tickles and, once he trusts you tummy rubs too.


He is learning to fly on command from one person to another and is doing really well with it. He is a happy go lucky boy but can be quite stubborn, so teaching him new things have to be fun and him given lots of praise. He likes to be where you are or he screams, and this is still something that will need to be worked on.


He loves a wider variety of veg and fruit now, his favourite nut of all are cashew.


Loves paper and cardboard and swinging on his many toys


He will quite happily sit and intently watch what you are doing, whether it be washing up, working on your computer or simply watching TV. Loves kisses and is trying to learn new words and mimicking sounds all the time.

Such a funny living little man. He isn’t keen at all on African Greys and sees them as a threat, he will actively try to fight with them, but birds of similar sizes to himself, or maybe larger birds who aren’t grey, he should be OK with. The larger birds I don’t have, so that should be kept in mind if your wanting to introduce them to Jed.


Location: Croydon

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