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Hi, we are Jazz & Jessie

PP number: PP925 & PP926


Name: Jazz & Jessie


Species: Orange Wing Amazon


Cage supplied: Yes but will require a bigger one


Adoption fee: £225




Hi we are Jazz and Jess, we don’t go anywhere without each other. I  Jess am the one with the biggest character who will come down, sit on your shoulder and have a good nattter with you.  I’ll tell you that I am a good boy, count to 5 and sing Pop Goes the Weasel. My best friend Jazz isn’t as outgoing as I am.  Jazz will quite happily sit and watch me play with safe house dad and what I get up to. Jazz has started to come down and be a little more adventurous over the last few weeks.  With a little more patience I am sure Jazz will join in the fun in time. We haven’t got a bad bone in our body and are not aggressive in anyway. I will sit on Safehouse Dad’s shoulder and shoulder surf but neither of us are too keen on letting him tickle us just yet, but I am sure we will one day.    Safehouse Dad feeds us this lovely chop in the morning which we love and we also get AS30 seed with pellets which he insists on sneaking in. We eat the pellets just please him. Our favourite bit is when Safehouse Dad gives us a nice treat which we are only too willing to take off him.

We spend most of the day out of the cage but have to go in when the other birds are let out because I Jess am not too friendly to the other birds in the flock.  We are quiet of a night, we like to play with things in our cage and look after where we live and are not destructive although I did pinch the buttons off the remote control.



Not known 

Current Presentation


We spend an awful lot of time out of our cage and although I Jess will go to anyone I do prefer to be with my safehouse Dad the most.  We both can be a little noisy for about 30 minutes in the morning and evening but most of the time you wouldn’t even know we are here.   The good news is we are both in fine fettle, we have all our own feathers and I am told we both look pretty damned gorgeous



I Jess will step up on Dad’s arm but I am a bit hit and miss at the moment but I am getting better my best friend Jazz is timid but is getting better each day and will take food out of Safehouse Dad’s hands and getting a bit braver each day.  I know his plan is to ultimately get us harness trained so we can go on adventures which I think will be a fab idea because I like seeing new things.



Dad gives us chop every morning with lots of yummy vegetables and fruit which we love and eat it down.  We also love our AS30 mix Safe house Dad has mixed some pellets in it he thinks we haven’t noticed but we have although we eat them just keep the daft human happy.  You know small things and all that !



Safehouse Dad lets us out in the morning and we pretty much spend all our time out watching TV, he has offered us a few things to play with like cardboard, and other toys but we haven’t got the hang of it just yet but to be honest neither of us are particularly destructive.  Bless him though he keeps trying so maybe one day we will play with this stuff.



Jazz and Jess really are two lovely birds, you can tell they love each other very much and are forever preening each other.  Jess will sit in his cage or on your shoulder just have a good natter, most of the time they keep themselves occupied and really aren’t high maintenance at all.  The only small downside is that Jess isn’t very good with other birds and will try to fly after them if both are let out at the same time although he is absolutely fine with Jazz


Location: Liverpool

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