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Hi, I’m Jasper

PP number: PP1148


Name: Jasper


Species: CAG


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £CITES





Hi My name is Jasper. I’ve been with my safehouse for a few weeks now and have really come out of my shell. I was very quiet at first for after a few days my sh mum cannot get a word in edgeways! She says I talk a lot and I think I do too, I love the sound of my own voice.  I say lots of things like ‘Do you want a cup of tea?’ ‘Giz some nuts’ ‘good boy’ and ‘see you soon’. I also say ‘google turn the livingroom lights off’ so if you have google beware. I sing songs, I tell myself off, I chatter away all day long. I love company and would prefer a male carer, but I do not mind my sh mum either. I am not bothered about kids or other animals. I have no interest in them. I have plucked all my tail feathers, but they are now growing back. I think I did this because of grief having lost my previous owner to an illness. I live here with lots of other birds but have not mixed with them, but I can see them, and I do like to join in with their songs sometimes.



Jasper sadly came into the charity as his owner passed away. He did pluck all his tail feather shortly afterwards but they are growling back. He was with his owner for 11 years since a baby and was very much loved.


Current Presentation:

Jasper is in good health apart from his missing tail feathers. They are growing back so will need to keep an eye on this.



Jasper likes to be out of his cage mostly and will have a fly around the room. He will come to sit with you if you have food. He loves his food. He will now accept head tickles and will let you do this all day if he could. He will step up when away from his cage but while on his cage it’s on his terms only.



Jasper loves to eat and is on J&J African grey food with lots of fresh fruit and veg. He has started to eat the chop I put in everyday now also. His previous diet wasn’t the best so we are introducing lots of new foods to him. He will take out what he doesn’t want so I do keep topping his veggies up throughout the day.



He isn’t too keen on new toys in his cage as he is scared of them, but we are introducing them slowly. We are also introducing boxes and cardboard as his favourite toy is his toilet paper shredding roll. We are encouraging him to forage for nuts also.



I am a very loving boy who would love a male carer to spend my days with. I love to talk and sing and make my sh family laugh with my burping and slurping sounds. My sh family say they have never had a parrot who talks so much and says so many words and sentences. I am told I am a delight to look after and is no bother whatsoever. I don’t scream or screech, I go to bed absolutely fine. My sh mum puts a cover over my cage and I have chewed some spy holes in it so I can spy at her when I’m supposed to be sleeping.  I make everyone laugh all the time. I’m not keen on my baths but my sh mum insists I have a spray daily. If you feel you can offer me a home where I can spend my days in your company, please do apply for me. I would suit a home where someone is home most of the day as I don’t like to be on my own. Thank you for reading my profile!

 Location:  Doncaster

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