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Hi, I’m Jasper

PP number: PP1055


Name: Jasper


Species: African Grey


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £CITES



My name is Jasper im 11yrs old , im a African Grey. please check me out on the problem parrots extra page and search Jasper PP1055


History / Background:

Sadly my last owner became to ill to look after me .


Current Presentation:

I prefer men but will tolerate women , my Sh mum and dad only have a giant child here (17) . My SH also has another Ammie but i don’t bother with her .
I’m not to keen keen on being sprayed but better to do me why I’m in my cage as i get a bit grumpy . I like to get up around 8am and go to bed around 7pm . I will bob in and out of my cage throughout the day , and i love to sit on my dads hand or shoulder or sat on the table knocking everything off . I am not territorial about my cage , i am not at all destructive. I love the attention and will sit happily om your shoulder and watch what is going on . I am easy to get in and out off my cage.



I love my Tidymix , i have been fussy with fruit and veg but i do like bananas especially if you will hold them for me why i eat them .



I have lots of toys in my cage and will play with them happily , my SH like to hide treats in my foraging ball and hang treats from the top of my cage . I am not harnessed trained but i could easily be trained .



Jasper has a very sweet nature, i am no trouble what so ever . I will sing you lots of songs and give you kisses, I say lots of things in fact i’m a bit of a chatter box , i like to be called Jasper ROOOO ! I like to make laser noises , police sirens , i tell you to get out , shut up , come on , good boy , too many to list , i have a vast vocabulary. please check me out , Ladies and gentlemen . love Jasper


 Location: St Helens

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