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Hi, I’m jasper

PP number: PP1050


Name: Jasper


Species: Orange Winged Amazon


Adoption fee: Price on application





Hi I’m jazzy Jasper and I’m an extremely handsome Amazon. I love hanging out with other birds and making friends with them.


Background History:
I don’t have a very good history but here goes..I was used as a breeding bird and was in an aviary with a female. We had lots of babies hatch but when we stopped, our owner didn’t want us any more. We weren’t treated very nice and were given to a lovely lady who looked after us. Sadly my girlfriend died and it left me lone and quite bereft. I’m still kinda mourning my soul mate but would love some company, whether it’s male or female. I don’t want to breed any more and I’m happy with that. The lady couldn’t care for me any more as she was poorly so I came into the charity.


Current presentation:

I’m a fully feathered young bird, I can fly with ease and gracefulness and would love somewhere that I’m allowed to have a good fly around. I do like a manicure sometimes until I get used to this nail trimming perch.


My safehouse Dad and his partner are trying to learn me step up but they won’t leave me alone! So I tried it once and thought it was ‘ok’ so if they keep trying then I might get to enjoy it. I do love it when they talk to me and put the music on as I’m learning to dance too.


I’m not sure of fruit and veggies yet as I’ve never had them before coming here. I will have a little taste and doing that I actually like sweetcorn and peas so I’m doing good. They also give me seeded toast which I really do enjoy. I eat all my seed mix which is tidy mix and I’m enjoying walnuts now.


I’m not sure what to do with these things that’s hanging in my cage, I’m told they’re toys. I look at them and they’re pretty but I need to be encouraged to play. I do like a toilet roll tube stuffed with paper and nuts to forage in, and a cardboard box makes me happy.


I’m happy with other birds as would dearly love another friend. I’ve been so lonely since my lady friend died. There’s dogs live here and they don’t bother me when they sniff my cage. I don’t even mind hands in my cage when they feed me, and I haven’t bitten anyone but I think if they pushed me too hard to step up I might give a little bite.
I do think that in time I will step up and quite possibly accept head tickles but that will come in time. I don’t say much but I have learned to bark like a dog and with my safehouse Dads interaction I’m learning to wolf whistle at people when they pas them window outside.
If you think you can offer me what I need, then please fill out the application. Please make sure you can offer me all of this as I’m a little complex but in time I will give you your rewards for giving me a forever loving home.
Much love and beaky kisses
Jazzy Jasper

 Location:  Durham

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