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Hi, I’m Jake

PP number: PP1077


Name: Jake


Species: African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £CITES




Hi I’m Jake, as you’re can see I’m a very handsome boy. I do talk but guess I’m still shy around my safehouse Mum as I prefer men. I will tolerate a head rub from the ladies though but I do not like children and will bite.


I pluck my feathers after my owner got poorly and couldn’t care for me any more.


Current presentation
My feathers are plucked but I’m getting better at leaving them alone. Once I’m settled in a new home I will be so much happier and leave them alone.


I am currently learning to step up to my safehouse people, but this is an ongoing thing. I learn quite quick as long as there’s some nice treats involved.


I eat AS30 and tidy mix which I enjoy. I also love any fruit, especially apples, grapes and oranges.


I have a shower or a good spraying every day to keep the dust away and my feathers looking nice. I do enjoy a box to play inside and chew my way out of, with lots of shredding stuff. I also love to play with small balls rolled along the floor so I can chase them.


Jake is a very handsome bird who loves to dance and be centre of attention. He does prefer a male carer to female, but will ‘allow’ females to give head tickles. He would be better with an older couple with no children as they scare him. He doesn’t mind other birds as long as they leave him alone, and he’s not phased at all with the dog sniffing round his cage when he’s inside. His plucking will need to be kept an eye on, showers or sprays every day and lots of love, tickles and dancing will keep this lovely boy happy.

 Location: Birmingham

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