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Hi, I’m Jake

PP number: PP1163


Name: Jake


Species: CAG


Adoption fee: Papers applied for




Hi I’m Jakey (Jake) I’m around 25/26 years old and was a much loved family pet. Jake hasn’t really shown a preference to men or women yet but would probably say he does seems to steer more towards men.


I was living with my original owners all my life until they could no longer look after me properly due to no fault of my own but was very loved and missed . I was feed on a basic pet shop mix. I have plucked quite bad I have no belly feathers and snipped my wing feathers.


Current Presentation:
My feathers are slowly growing back but I do still pick but believe this is behavioural and diet related. My nails need to be trimmed regularly due to them been over grown and need to be kept onto off. My beak is also the same and seem to grow quite quickly.
I will only step up on my terms or if I get stuck… I Have not stepped up on to safehouse hands or accept tickles but I’m sure over time that I will allow this to happen.
I do not mind having other animals around while I am safely in my cage.
There is children in my current safehouse which I don’t seems to mind and haven’t attacked them but I would say that be mindful with me around children that doesn’t understand not to try and touch me as I would think  may attack as i do seems a little nervous at times.


We have been working on stepping up on to a perch to slowly move on to a hand when he feels comfortable to do so.
To encourage him to come out of the cage on his own and to go back in. Jake will come out of the cage on his own but not always easily to go back into the cage when you need him to.


Jake is on as30 no peanut no sunflower mix sometime has tidymix but mainly veg and fruit Jake also has soaking and sprouting seeds. When Jake came into the charity he was a little under weight were now he’s over weight he will his diet kept an eye on and as all grey he will need a small amount of calcium powder added to his diet


Jake love boxes and ripping thing up doesn’t seem to worried about playing with toys well the ones he currently has. He has started to show interest in wooden blocks.


Jake is a great bird that loves company and will have a great chat with you. Jakes favourite word is wanna cuppa tea or toast, Jake will also ask what u want for tea, although Jake doesn’t like been touched at present I’m sure he will be a great friend for someone to have the company with. Jake has a massive vocabulary and will have a dace with you. Jake has been vet checked and they are happy for him to now find his forever home where he can stay forever if you think Jake will fit into your heart and home please apply for him
Love Jake 🙂

 Location: Norwich

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