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Hi, I’m Jack

PP number: PP956


Name: Jack


Species: Umbrella Cockatoo


Cage supplied: Yes (New cage, toys and perches)


Adoption fee: £400


Description: Hi, i’m Jack. I’m a very funny, cheeky and chatty boy. I’m adorable, you just need to look at my videos on our Facebook group Problem Parrots Extra to see.


When I first arrived at my Safe House I was dancing and chatting away. I do love a good natter. Once settled in I tried to be the boss and showed my stubborn side a little with the odd growl, especially when it was time to go into my cage. But I gave up and went in when I realised my SH mum wasn’t taking any prisoners.


I love my SH mum and will climb down the cage and say hello when I want to see her and have a snuggle…which I LOVE. But i’m equally as happy tickling myself with egg boxes on the Java tree or chewing wood on my cage.


A nice man came to visit the other day and I was really excited to say hello and step up but then when he left I said bye but was upset for a while after and showed my noisy side.  Another time I get noisy is if my SH mum leaves the house without saying bye (even if she is only going to the bin).


I will chat to children but won’t let them touch me on my cage. Sometimes I will walk to them and sit on their knee but it’s all on my terms and I’m very cautious of them.


I’m ok with other birds as my last SH had them and I became good friends with a cockatoo there. At my current SH me and Jackson have to share SH mum’s cuddles so we have been known to have a bit of a stand off of who’s turn it is.


When it’s bedtime I’ve usually already taken myself into my cage to play with my wood in my silver bucket so it’s easy for my SH mum to close the door and say goodnight, although I think it’s funny to say hello over and over. My SH mum covers me over and I settle to sleep and stay quiet until she uncovers me in the morning.


I am a very loving boy who loves lots of time and attention but I will try and be the boss! Bye for now. Jack X


Location: Doncaster

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