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Hi, I’m Jack

PP number: PP1239


Name: Jack


Species: CAG


Adoption fee:  £300





Jack is approximately 23 years old and is a real cheeky boy. He will spend his day laughing at us, blowing raspberries and being rather mischievous.



Jack lived with an elderly gentleman for most of his life. They lived on a canal boat. Unfortunately when Jack’s owner passed he went to live with family and then moved to another home before coming into the Charity. Jack has plucked his feathers on his chest and back, we believe due to separation anxiety. He let’s them grow back a bit and will then pluck them again.


Current Presentation:

Jack has been in safehouse with 2 ladies for over 6 months now. He has really found his feet and is a very cheeky boy. Jack loves cardboard boxes and will spend hours destroying a box. Jack will step up, but can be a bit hit and miss if stepping up from the cage. His favourite words are “Cheese” “Chips” “What” as well as a few naughty words. Jack lives with other birds in his safehouse. Whilst he can be housed with other birds he will need his own little area and space as he is territorial of his cage.



Jack will need more work on stepping up. He does it from the floor or sofa but is a little hit and miss stepping on from his cage. He is also getting a bit of a monster not wanting to go to bed so takes about 15 minutes to get him in to go night night.



Jack is on AS30 seed mix, and has fresh fruit and veg. His favourites are grapes, apple, butternut squash. Will sometimes eat carrots, peppers, melon too. He also loves sweet potato.



Jack has a basket full of foot toys but would much rather have a cardboard box to tear up and will spend hours working on tearing it up.



Jack is an adorable, cheeky chappy looking for his forever home. He needs someone who meets the following criteria:

  • Must be home most of the day as Jack does get separation anxiety which is when he plucks
  • Can live with other birds but needs his own little area and fully supervised if out with other birds.
  • Cannot live with any cats or dogs.
  • No preference to Male or Female, has lived with both.


Location: Bristol

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