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Hi, I’m Jack

PP number: PP1239


Name: Jack


Species: CAG


Adoption fee:  £300




Hi everyone. I’m Jack, a 18 year old African Grey. I love whistling tunes and blowing kisses. I can say many words. I can say hello, what, chips, cheese, crackers. Safehouse mum keeps saying Pardon everytime I say what, I think what sounds much better than pardon though.
much better than pardon though.



Jack lived with an elderly gentleman on a canal boat for 10 years. Jack also resided with a dog. Jack cannot fly very well at all but can climb up and down and will let you know if he needs a hand. Jack came into safehouse with not many feathers on his chest, wings and neck but he has been a very good boy and hasn’t really pulled any feathers since being here. He has really started coming out of his shell now and loves nothing more than to explore.


Current Presentation:

Jack is currently in safehouse with 2 women and he gets on well with both of us, but he loves it when men visitors come to the house and boy does he put on a show. He will do his best whistles, bow his head for some lovely head tickles and blow kisses. Jack has a box full of foot toys and is not really to keen on playing with these. Jack does love tearing apart toilet rolls and will demolish toys in his cage quite quickly. Jack is a very comical bird and spends a lot of his day whistling wonderful tunes, Jack says applicants must be good whistlers as these women in safehouse couldn’t whistle to save their lives. Jack currently is around 3 other birds, and although he doesn’t really bother with them, he is very protective over his cage and will see them off if they go on his cage and is very cage aggressive. When Jack came into safehouse the only belonging he had was a bell, so he will need a nice new cage. Jack is not very good at stepping up and he only does it on his terms. We are working on this but it needs more work. Jack will need ongoing training to encourage step up.



Jack needs ongoing training on stepping up as this is very hit and miss at present. We give Jack massive praise when he is a good boy and steps up.



Jack is currently fed As30 seed, and has vegetables and fruit. Jack loves carrots, will eat some sprout, cucumber and enjoys a small amount of apple, grape and watermelon. We are working on encouraging Jack to try more vegetables but if he is given anything he doesn’t like he will throw it to the bottom of the cage. Persistence is key. Jack is also on avipro supplement. Jack had previously been fed on cheese and prawn crackers.
Enrichment: Jack loves being sung too and will bop about. He has a box full of foot toys, although doesn’t like playing with these at present. Jack does enjoy toys to shred in his cage and loves a toilet roll so an endless supply of toilet rolls would be beneficial. Jack loves starting off a tune whistling but wants us to finish it off.



Jack is not really showing any definitive preference to men or women. He would suit a home that has no other animals. Jack would be a really good addition to someone’s life. Whilst we do not have any children here, we were told by his previous house that he is not keen on younger children. Jack will need ongoing training for stepping up. And persistence is key with him and eating vegetables. If you can handle kisses being blown at you, lovely tunes being whistled and a lot of mess (Jack posts unwanted seeds out of his cage onto the floor) and the odd fart blown at you then what are you waiting for. Click apply.


Location: Bristol

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