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Hi, I’m Jack

PP number: PP1239





Species: African Grey


Adoption fee: £ cites




Hello everyone, Jack (Jacky boy) here. So you may recognize me as I have been here before, but unfortunately bad luck sees me back here again.


Current Presentation: 

As you can see Jack is badly plucked. Unfortunately Jack does not cope well with change and will pull his feathers when under stress. Aside from his baldness Jack is a very funny, loving and cheeky boy. He demands cheese and chips and says a few naughty words. Jack has learnt to give safehouse mum kisses. He is truly a wonderful bird. Jack does not cope well in a busy household so needs a quiet home, no children, no cats or dogs, but other birds are OK as long as fully supervised. He needs people who are home majority of the day. Jack does use an Avian Sun lamp.



Jacks training is ongoing to gain his confidence back again. He will step up but can he a but hit and miss at times. He loves having a good chew on his toys and cardboard boxes.



Jack is fed on AS30 and fresh fruit and veg. He can be fussy with his fruit and veg, 1 day he will eat certain things, next he will decide its yucky and chuck it to the bottom of the cage.




Jack loves wooden toys to chew on and cardboard boxes.


Jack is a very clever, funny boy. If you can see past his plucking you will have a friend for life. He is nervous around new people but once trusted you will not regret it. Jack needs to live in a quiet home with people who are home majority of the day. Preferably no children as it is too much for him and definitely no cats or dogs. Jack does however live with other birds and is OK around them aslong as fully supervised.



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