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Hi, I’m Jack

PP number: PP1230


Name: Jack


Species: Red Lored Amazon


Adoption fee: £300



Hi my name is Jack and I’m the most loveable red lored amazon you ever want to meet. I’m super friendly and so cute.


I was handed in to the charity to find my forever home through no fault of my own. I do miss my old owner but I know she made the right decision to find me a new forever home.


Current presentation
I’m a handsome chap, I have all my feathers and I can fly but not very gracefully.


I will step up already and accept lots of head tickles and snuggles. But maybe some clicker training could be a good way to help us bond as I do enjoy interaction.


I currently eat tidy mix with lots of fresh fruit and veggies. My favourite is broccoli and apple. I will do anything for a walnut.


I prefer spending time with the people in the house so I will need to be encouraged to play. I like the idea of lots of wood blocks to chew or a good branch to strip the bark off. Maybe a cardboard box I can chew my way out of.


This is from jacks previous owner…He’s a 10 year old red lored amazon, he’s currently on a mix of fresh chop and a generic seed mix, he can fly but he’s not very graceful. He says a few things, he loves to whistle along to people singing and he loves being sprayed with water, he’ll bath all day long. He shouts pretty boy and good boy and he’s very rarely says hello under his voice. When he likes someone he absolutely loves a cuddle and quite often sneaks into my bed for a snuggle.

He can be spooked very easily, hes scared of a lot of things which I’ve been trying to work around. He gets frustrated very easily and doesn’t quite grasp the concept of “no”. He is a massive chewer, he chews and chews and chews. Hes very good with having his claws and beak filed. He’s a very sweet boy, he just needs a lot of time to learn to trust the people hes with.

This extremely friendly and handsome chap is on the look out for his perfect lady. He loves nothing better than cuddles in bed and whispering sweet nothings in his special lady’s ear. This little handsome boy has got a lot of love to give and needs a female main carer but will tolerate men in the vicinity. He needs to be in a home without other birds as he has shown aggression towards other birds but needs to be out of his cage alot. He needs someone at home most of the time as he can get stressed and loud if left alone for too long. This little guy needs encouragement to play with toys as he would prefer to just cuddle all day. He is also very good at eating his fruit and veg along with tidy mix. He’s a reluctant flyer but does fly although not very gracefully. He tells you he’s a good boy and will cry like a baby for attention. His new special lady will have a tame, loving friend for life, Jack is genuinely a gentleman and his safe house Mum will be sad to see him go

 Location: Kent

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