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Hi, I’m Ivor

PP number: PP1109


Name: Ivor


Species: Timneh African Grey


Cage supplied:Yes


Adoption fee: £Cites




My names Ivor and I’m a 11 year old DNA tested Timneh African Grey. I’m a quiet boy who loves to head bob.


From what we know about Ivor he was with a family for around 4 yrs then he got re-homed to a lovely lady where Ivor was free flighted in a bird room with other birds for past 7 yrs, Ivor has never liked being sprayed and wouldn’t bath in his water bowl.

Current Presentation:

Hi Ivor here I’m currently staying at a lovely foster home with my foster mum and dad,2 dogs,2 feathered friends. I’m a ladies bird but my foster dad does really try to make friends with me and sometimes I will put my head down for him to give me beak/head scratch then I will bite his finger ha ha ha even my mum laugh. I love everyone who visits and love to show off with my head bobbing, but only ladies have privilege of petting me. As for the other two greys here at first I didn’t really like them so had to have separate time out but since mum has reduced my sugar intake we are now out together and get along fine. I don’t like being sprayed, and wont even bath in my water bowl so mum wheels me into this big steamy room she calls the bathroom so i get my daily wash, she tells me it makes me look handsome and its good for my feathers.


Ivor does step up but on his terms only.


Ivor has fresh chop every morning with herbs, chia seeds. Midday he has some AS30 and Tea P15 pellets.


Its a Ivor again! Just want to tell you what i like doing to have fun, i love loather & rope toys, but since being here I’ve found great new things to keep me busy mum fills cardboard tubes with  paper and hides treats in for me, Ive loads different toys in my cage and am slowly starting to play with them.


Ivor is  a lovely boy that would fit into a family with no young children and main carer to be female, he Isn’t bothered by dogs,and doesn’t mind other birds. He is a quiet boy does whistle and says hello occasionally, He steps up most of the time, But does love his own company. I’ve grown really fond of Ivor and would love to keep him.


 Location: Bridgend, South Wales

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