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Hi, I’m Jacko

PP number: PP968


Name: Jacko


Species: CAG


Adoption fee: £ cites





Hi I’m Jacko, I’m a happy African grey who will make the right lady a lovely best friend. I’m not sure how old I am, but I’m young at heart.


I was adopted to a lovely lady who loved me very much but her personal circumstances meant she couldn’t care for me any more so she made the hard decision to let me find a new home.


Current presentation
I’m a fully feathered flighted bird. I’m really beautiful and I’m always preening my lovely feathers.


I’m still learning to step up but it’s going slow which is good. My safehouse Mam doesn’t push me and she lets me do it in my own time. So any future training will have to be slow as I’m still a little timid.


I’m currently enjoying tidy mix and lots of fresh fruit and veggies. I don’t really have a favourite fruit or veg so I just have a taste of everything.


I have toys in my cage but I prefer swinging all over the cage on my rope swing. I have a play top on my cage and there’s always lots of books to shred, boxes to chew and foot toys to play with. I love to play catch with my safehouse Mam, it’s fun when she has to pick up all the toys for me to throw off again.


Jacko is a lovely bird, she needs time and patience to come round to you. She prefers female company but doesn’t mind males as long as they don’t try to touch her or she will bite. She will come for lots of head tickles and will let you do that all day if she could.

When Jacko first came here she was a little reserved and shy but she’s slowly coming out of her shell and when no ones in the room she sings, whistles and talks up a storm.
She will stay on the top of her cage when there’s children in the house and doesn’t mind them, she also doesn’t mind the dog walking past her cage when she’s inside. She currently lives beside another African grey and they don’t bother each other, but we can hear them chatting away.

Jacko needs a female carer with lots of patience to allow her to come round in her own time. Once she forms a bond with you she is the most amazing bird.


If you can offer Jacko what she needs then please apply, you won’t regret it.


Location: Durham

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