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Hi, I’m Inca

PP number: PP877


Name: Inca


Species: CAG


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: CITES




Hi my name is Inca, I’m believed to be about 11 years old. I’m very friendly with the females, and enjoy the little people playing beside my cage with their toys. I only tolerate my safehouse Dad, but love my safehouse Mum.

I have been in the charity before, but my adoptive Mum got really sick and couldn’t look after me any more.

Current Presentation

I am a healthy fully feathered boy, love to fly around.

When I came to my safehouse I would only step up onto a stick but now I have learned to step up onto my safehouse Mums hand. She used food to get me to do this so any further training should be pretty easy if you use food as a training tool.

I’m currently eating AS30, I love all my fruit and vegetables too. My favourite nuts are walnuts.

I love spending time with my safehouse Mum as I get lots of interaction. I enjoy a variety of toys and foraging for treats. I’m not too keen on cardboard boxes but I do love my bells.

Inca is a delightful bird, he has progressed so much since coming here. He needs a special lady to call his own.
He loves to mimic the noises around the house such as the microwave, door bell etc.
He loves to be out of his cage and will perch on my stool behind me just chilling.
Overall Inca is an amazing bird with great character, he will be a great companion to a special lady.


Location: Newport

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