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Hi, I’m Herbert

PP number: PP1044




Species: Cockatiel


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £10



Herbert, came without a name and without any history that we know of. He has lived in his safehouse since before Christmas and for two month before that with the people who found him. Although not particularly fearful of people he exhibits behaviours that lead us to believe he is an aviary bird who has had little contact with humans.

Herbert was found flying free by a member of the public. After every attempt was made to find his owner he arrived at Problem parrots

Current Presentation:
We believe that Herbert may have escaped from an aviary. He is an excellent flyer but is not particularly interested in people.

Herbert is not a bird that likes to socialise with people, much preferring his own company or watching the big parrots in his safe house, at a safe distance.

Herbert is only really interested in his cockatiel seed mix. He is offered greens and veg but he is not always very enthusiastic

I happily chatter to myself all day. I like to fly and am more interested in what’s going on around me than playing

I’m a happy little chap and I keep myself amused all day by chattering away to myself. I am an excellent flyer and would be most happy in an aviary with other birds like me. I’m looking forward to lots of space to fly around and friends to fly with..
People?? They’re ok. The keep me clean and feed me but I wouldn’t choose to be too close to one! I am definitely a bird that wants to have my own space with other feathered friends.


 Location: Dorking, Surrey

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