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Hi, I’m Harry

PP number: PP914


Name: Harry


Species: African Grey


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: Cites


Description: Harry was brought us as a extremely nervous boy, you couldn’t do much with him as he had very little confidence, he has slowly but surely come out of his shell over the past 2 weeks, becoming more talkative and playful with some toys and loves to shred paper/cardboard. He absolutely adores the water from a spray bottle and always gives a compliment to himself whilst being sprayed (saying “good boy Harry”).


He has opened up to some toys as he was very startled by them when he first arrived. Will happily sit on top of his cage just watching the world go by, preening himself. He is a very cheeky chappy, loves to copy noises and is very vocal when we use the hairdryer. Every night he loves to say goodnight to you, repeatedly until you finally go to bed.


He will require a lot of time and patience as he currently doesn’t like to be touched much, he will occasionally step up off his cage when he feels like it but does like to nip you as a warning that he’s not ready to leave his cage. He would be better suited in a house with older children but main career to be male (sorry ladies).


He loves his food especially his treats and does take them very gently even off a 3 year old. His current food is AS30 seed and likes the occasional treats of banana chips, sunflower seed, almonds, kale, cucumber, and strawberries. Does also like grapes and pomegranate but not to be given too often.


He will make a lovely companion with the right care, training and forever home.


Location: Derbyshire

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