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Hi, I’m Harry

PP number: PP1114


Name: Harry


Species: Senegal


Cage supplied: Yes 


Adoption fee: £100




Hello my name is Harry and I’m 18 years old. I am a ladies man and will happily sit and have head tickles with the ladies. I love being out of my cage just sitting around watching. I can’t fly at the moment as my wings have been clipped but they will grow back. 

My safehouse dad talks to me as he is home most of the day, but I don’t really want to sit with him, he is trying to gain my trust but I’m not really used to males and will growl if you come too close, and then go back into my cage. When my safehouse mum comes home I’ll go straight to her no problem.



Harry lived for just over 16 years with a lady who sadly passed away and her daughter took him in. Unfortunately due to work commitments he was left for long periods of day just listening to the radio. He has been well looked after and when it was noticed by the lady that he had started to get a small bald patch on his chest she decided that he needed more company, and asked us to help to find him someone who could give him the time he needed.


Current Presentation:

Harry is a lovely healthy bird. I have not noticed him plucking any feathers. I have been mist spraying him and he has been preening himself. He is covered at night at 8pm and is uncovered at 7am.



Harry won’t step up onto your finger but will go onto your arm, if he doesn’t want to he just goes back into his cage. He will accept head tickles from females and is quite happy to sit on their shoulder. He talks a little like “Harry’s good boy”, “What you doing”,”Hello”



His seed diet has changed and is now eating Tidymix along with fruit & veg. He does like a little scrambled egg, and a little piece of seeded wholemeal toast crust. He also likes millet.



Harry loves shredding and preening toys, he is quite happy sitting on top of his cage whistling, and talking to himself.



Harry would be suited to a female carer, but I feel in time he will go to anyone. He seems to like company of other birds and calls back when they whistle. He doesn’t seemed bothered by dogs.

He is a lovely little man who with love and encouragement would make a great companion for life.

So if you think you could offer Harry a forever home please put you application form


Location:  London

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