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Hi, we are Harry & Penguin

PP number: PP488/1111


Name: Harry & Penguin


Species: Amazon & Senegal


Adoption fee: £420





Hello everyone our names are Harry & Penguin we are a bonded pair. Harry I’m  the  Amazon and Penguin the Senegal. We have came back into Problem Parrots through no fault of our own, but its good has we have came back to safehouse were we was before so we know humans here. We both love coming out our cage during the day and love all the human interaction, but we don’t like those small humans. Harry loves to chat, whistle and has an amazing laugh which he copied from mum last time he was here, Penguin loves to hang upside down from top of cage like a bat. We both enjoy our food especially our fresh fruit & veg for breakfast, we also will both take treats from humans hands, Harry will enjoy head tickle but on his terms but penguin still not sure. In safehouse there is mum, dad, brother, another bird which we haven’t seen just heard him/her talking, and two dogs ,we don’t see the dogs much but can hear them barking but they don’t worry us, when they come in mum always makes sure we are safely  locked in our cage. We both love being sprayed and penguin also loves to bath in his water bowl.



Harry & Penguin was in charity before but had to come back in through no fault of their own.


Current Presentation:

A little about me Harry mum & dad says I’m a beautiful bird and they really love having me here, I love to chat away and enjoy wolf whistling especially when mums on phone or dads working in the office. I love coming out cage during the day but will go back inside if penguin goes in. Ilove love all fruit & veg. I love human interaction or I’m happy to sit with my bonded partner Penguin. I don’t mind male or female carers but definatly not little humans., I don’t mind head tickles but on my terms only, I will take treats from humans though my favourite is kiwi. I enjoy shower mum says its shows my beautiful colours. Last time I was here I learnt to copy mums laugh so I still make everyone laugh when I do it, I also growl & bark like a dog. I say hello to everyone who comes in but my best talent has got to be my wolf whistle. I’m told I’m a great pleasure to have as part of family. A little about me Penguin mum a& dad say I’m a little cutie and really enjoy having me here, I’m  still a little nervous of hands but will take a treat from humans especially my favourite being a grape. I’ve got splayed legs so I need flat perches or rope ones, also no toys hanging around sides of cage so I can get around easier. I enjoy hanging upside down from top of the cage . I don’t mind being sprayed but really enjoy taking bath in water bowl mum puts at bottom of cage for me.  I love all fruit & veg and love to sleep in my food bowl.



This is ongoing to get Harry & Penguin both to trust hands enough to stp up & accept head tickles.



Fresh fruit & Veg,  Chop,  Johnson & Jeff low sunflower seed



Plenty toys, cardboard / paper to shred, hiding treats, having a variety of different size / texture perches, but due to penguins splayed legs his better on flat perches or ropes.



Both Harry & Penguin are amazing birds in their own way, they are both very closely bonded pair. Harry will entertain you with his laughing, talking, wolf whistle, growling/ barking like a dog. Where has Penguin likes hanging upside down like a bat, his such a comical lil chap. Both don’t mind male or female carers but neither like small children. Harry can be very noisy especially if he doesn’t get attention. Both are very good eaters, they go to bed at 8pm and wake at 8am. Both have really touched our hearts they are great pleasure to have them as part of family.


 Location:  South Wales

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