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Hi, I’m Harold

PP number: PP1175


Name: Harold


Species: Alexandrine


Adoption fee: Price on application





Hi everyone ! My name is Harold, I am a male alexandrine. Came into problem parrots through no fault of my own. I have been with my safehouse a couple of months now (they all assure me I am not going anywhere, I really hope not as I love all the humans here !). When I first arrived here I was very scared and terrified of hands & arms and wasn’t sure of coming out my cage either as I have spent many years locked up in my cage, and would constantly say I’m  sorry, but humans here say no need to say sorry your a good boy. I  love all these kind humans here and I’m let out my cage everyday from 6.30 am until bedtime at 8pm to play and spread my wings, I am still a little unsure of hands & arms but I’m getting there slowly. I now enjoy being sprayed too. I love chatting away all day with my safehouse mum, there’s a dog here but I only hear him barking, which doesn’t bother me.



Harold had spent many years in his cage.


Current Presentation:

Harold is such a happy little chap and  has progressed loads since being in safehouse he rarely keeps repeating the word sorry now, he loves being out his cage all day and happily flies around he will come and land on your knee or at side of you on the armchair and will accept head tickles, his .getting to enjoy his toys now and will chat away all day, he dances when he hears music playing. He has started to enjoys his fresh veg & some fruit. His still a little nervous of hands & arms but this is a slow working progress.



We are still teaching Harold not to be scared of hands & arms this is constantly being done throughout the day.



Mainly fresh veg with limited fruit, Tidymix seed



Harold has a range of different toys, Paper / cardboard to shred, Enjoys hunting out the hidden treats, ropes, loads of time out of his cage flying around, loves radio on, and really enjoys humans interaction.



Harold has come on loads since coming to the safehouse his gone from that scared to leave his cage to cant wait to come out, he happily flies around and will come and climb on us. Harold loves his fresh food now & his seed. Harold still unsure of hands & arms but is getting better now. Harold is a great pleasure to have around and is certainly part of the family. Harold doesn’t seem to have preference to male or female carers, but he doesn’t like being left alone.


 Location:  South Wales

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