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Hi, I’m Harli

PP number: PP1280


Name: Harli


Species: Greenwing Macaw


Adoption fee:  £500





Hi everyone my name is Harli, I am an 18 months old, very energetic, boisterous and mischievous little chap who is now looking for a loving forever home. My new home must be patient and firm with me as I am a typical baby, by that I mean I am learning at the moment so you must have the time to offer me.



My start in life has been very unsettled and I have had about 5 different homes already, and this does not include my current safe house. I began my life in a very dull home, they liked their house clean so did not let me out of my cage as I’m a messy little boy! I did not stay their very long as they got bored of me so I went from home to home before a nice family took me in. I moved to my new family and all started well but then I began to scream at a lot at things like the rain, people walking past and when I was left alone. I lived in a conservatory and my last family realised I did not like this as I felt too exposed and everything scared me, I unfortunately began to pluck. I was taken to the vet and given the all clear for my health and the vet man said it was just my nerves. The man in my new family was my favourite and he use to handle me but my screaming got too much for him and I was rejected again. The lady in the family tried to help me but I liked the man more and it all became too much for the lovely lady so she called problem parrots for help. At some point I have been clipped but this is growing back nicely and I can fly a bit now but my landing is not the best!


Current Presentation

I have been in my safehouse now for 2 weeks and I have settled well, I very much LOVE being round other macaws and try to edge close to them and offer them my head for a fuss but they don’t want to do it for me as they are grumpy old ladies. When we are all together, I get very excited and very loud screaming to get their attention.  I LOVE to play and chew!! Nothing is off limits for me to chew, if its in my reach then I will break it 😊 so far blinds, work tops and any wooden toy is my favourite so please make sure you have lots and lots of toys for me to keep me busy. I don’t have a cage but that does not matter at the moment as I live free in a room with the other macaws and I seem to like this. When I go around the house with my safehouse mom I like to sit on the java stand and destroy the wood toys on there.

I can’t lie, I am a little bit of trouble at the moment as I don’t fully understand what is expected of me, so I will bite and I will scream when I am left alone. My safehouse mom says I’m getting better but please don’t expect me to be a well behaved little boy until you have taught me all I need to know.

I have just started to learn to talk and I find it fun to copy the other macaws here so now I shout hello, what, nice, arhhhh and step up but my safehouse mom says I’m a clever boy and learning all the time.

My safehouse mom is the one I have chosen so I can’t say yet if I like men or women better but do step up to my safehouse man when I have to, I am still young enough to be socialised to both, I have not seen any of them smaller humans yet but as I am very jumpy I may be better with older children.

My safehouse mom goes to work and is out of the house for about 6 hours per day but this does not matter as I am not locked in a cage, I have many many toys to play with and I have 4 other macaws to talk to and plot what trouble we are going to cause. Because I scream when left alone, I would suggest anyone looking to apply for me either has another bird I can talk to whilst you go to work or work from home.



In my last home before I came to problem parrots the lady told my safehouse mom that I learnt a few tricks such as if you say “wings” I will open my wings, if you say “wave” I lift my foot and “turn” and I will turn around. I have not been brave enough to show anyone else yet but I may do in time.

Like I have said I am only young and still pushing the rules so I will need a new home who has experience in training to be able to set me up on the right path and not teach me any bad habits. I step up but I do moan and shout about it and at times I may bite/nip when I don’t want to leave somewhere. I do scream more than normal so please be aware you are going to have to teach me the right way to change my behaviour.



Food…. I LOVE food! I eat everything an anything including my safehouse moms blinds 😊, jokes aside I eat ALL fruit and veg, chop and I like all of the different nuts. I love to get my beak around a walnut to break as there is some tasty thing inside of the shell.  Every morning my safehouse mom hides yummy nuts around my play area for me to find whilst she is out and I am so clever as I have found them all by the time she comes home.

I came into problem parrots eating Harrison’s pellets so I don’t need my diet to be changed.

At this hotel the routine I have is every night the room is cleaned and I get my Harrison’s before bed and then in the morning I get room service of fresh food to eat whilst my safehouse mom goes to earn money to keep me in toys. When she comes back its all gone every day and I have liked everything served so far.



I love to run after toys and throw them back to you on the floor so I need a home without dogs please. I love to hang upside down like a bat and just be silly whilst playing with my toys.

My favourite toys are wooden ones, cardboard with things hidden inside, cotton mop heads and anything that makes a noise like the 2 bells I have. I am also a clever boy and can work out puzzle toys very quickly. People say that I must not like toys as I chew them up but they are soooo wrong, me chewing them up has stopped me chewing my feathers and it means I really really like them. Please make sure you have a good stock of toys for me as I need them replaced daily.



So if you are good at making toys for me to destroy on a daily basis, love cooking and have the patience to teach me the skills I need to be good boy then I would love to meet you. I am a cute baby but please don’t let this fool you. I need lots of time, patience and persistence and at times firm rules to set me up on the right path for life so I won’t become a spoilt little boy.

I don’t have a cage and I’m sure by the time I find my home I’ll have no toys left either so I will need brand new sparkly things to welcome me into my new home.

If you think you can offer Harli what he needs then please do not hesitate to apply for him.

Location: Staffordshire

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