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Hi, I’m Guy

PP number: PP1186


Name: Guy


Species: Galah Cockatoo


Cage supplied: Yes but needs a new one


Adoption fee: £350





Hi I’m a 7 month old Galah cockatoo, and as you can see, I’m very handsome with my vibrant pink feathers.


I was handed into the charity to find a new home as my owner was finding it hard to care for me. She made the hard decision to let me find a new forever family.


Current presentation
I am a fully feathered, bright pink, sassy boy who loves to fly. I don’t pluck my feathers, I think I look too amazing to pluck them.


I will need someone who has experience with my breed as I am very head strong, I need someone who is firm with me to set boundaries and teach me that routine is a positive thing. I am very slowly learning when it is bed time but I’m not getting very good at it so I will fly all over before the safehouse people can catch me.
I would like to have some one on one time with someone who knows how to learn me the simple things such as step up, step down, time for bed, go in cage, the basics but because I’m stubborn and such a darer, I like to try and push these humans to see how far I can get.


Oh well now you’re talking! I do enjoy my neophema seed mix, and when the humans make birdie bread I devour that first. My favourite treat is banana chips but they don’t give me very many. Booo! I have porridge for breakfast, and enjoy a chunk of sweetcorn. They don’t give me very much fruit here, they’re trying to get me to eat more veggies but that’s an ongoing dispute!


I do love to shred things. Cardboard, paper, tissue, anything. If the humans stuff a rope bag with papers, I will pull it all out really quickly to make a mess for them to tidy up again. I have a small mirror with a bell on that I love to play with too. I’m a very nosy boy, I will go into anything as long as there’s paper to shred.


Guy is a really stubborn headstrong galah. He is only a baby but thinks he’s a lion, he is so cheeky and tries to push his luck all the time. He will be better with a female carer as he does try and bite me, so my wife tends to be Guys main carer.
He has started enjoying a shower in his travel cage and he looks amazing when he is dry, his beautiful colours stand right out and he sure knows how handsome he really is.
He isn’t bothered at all about our dogs sniffing round his cage when he is safely locked inside, he shows no interest.  We don’t have small children here so I can’t comment if he would be good with children around or not. He does love a good snuggle with a female, he will go for head tickles and is a very pleasant bird. He’s a happy bird, will accept tickles from any female, his crest will go right up and he will show off his beauty. He is very young so will learn very easily once in his forever home. But he is headstrong, and will need someone who has the time and patience to learn him new things and give him the time he needs in order to become a more amazing bird.
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 Location:  Scunthorpe

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