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Hi, I’m Gregory

PP number: PP1025


Name: Gregory


Species: White Fronted Amazon


Cage supplied: Yes but would benefit from a new one please


Adoption fee: CITES




Hi, my name is Gregory and I am the smallest of Amazons but don’t be fooled I have a big personality!

I am 23 years old and interested in everything that’s going on. In my safe house I have been watching the other birds. They are much bigger than I am, but they don’t scare me! I am only allowed out with them when my safe house people are in the room because they don’t want me to get hurt. I like to be out of my cage all day if I can and I can fly well. I step up beautifully onto a stick and will run to see you if I am on my cage, but I am learning something that’s very difficult for me, so I don’t manage touch very well.


My old family sent me to problem parrots a short time ago and I had been with them since I was small. In the 23 years I was with them I only saw other birds once (when they went on holiday and I went to a posh parrot hotel). Well I am all grown up now and a hansom fella like me wants a special person in their life. I bonded with the man in my house, but he had a wife – and I did not like that one bit! For the last couple of years, I have found it very hard to live there. I was very jealous you see, and I often took it out on the wife. I am a little bird, but I could peck really hard if she came near the man! I was also very hormonal and just couldn’t understand why my man ignored my courting behaviour and wouldn’t let me regurgitate and share my food with them.

Current Presentation:

Since I have been at my safe house, they are trying to help me realise I am a bird (a very precious one) and understand that being hormonal with humans is not the best thing I can do. I am making progress. They have helped me by changing my diet so now I eat less seed and lots more veg- I wasn’t keen at first but they made it fun and now I will try most things once. They changed my diet, so I wasn’t so frisky and its made a difference to my behaviour. I run to my safehouse people as soon as they come towards my cage and because I am calmer now, I come to chat instead of bite. I let them stroke my feet and sometimes I hold their finger, but they don’t touch my body as I am still quite confused and want to regurgitate for them. (It’s not messy but they say they don’t need me to feed them)

The other thing that helps is that they now cover my cage at night, and they make sure I get a good 12 hours sleep. Don’t worry though I let you know when I wake up by chirping and calling you. I am not a screechy bird and I make a lovely sound!

I love being spoken to and having attention. I am very quick on my feet and I lead my safe house people a merry dance when they try to weigh me. It’s really good fun! I am only just getting into foraging as I hadn’t had to work to find my food before, but they make it easy for me by showing me where they hide my treats, so I don’t have to look too hard. Oh, and I LOVE it when I have my veg on a stick as I love to peck away and see how far I can throw the bits I don’t want. I like homemade toys and chew bits of wood if they are not too hard.

I wouldn’t bath much in my old home but since I’ve seen the other birds having their sprays, I have been known to bath in my water bowl up to three times a day!!

I am out of my cage nearly all day here and I love that. So, I would like as much time as possible outside of my cage as you can give me please.


This training thing is quite new to me. I will step up onto a stick and my previous owners taught me to say “Pretty, pretty  boy” and “hello Gregory” but I haven’t spoken in my safehouse. My safehouse people have been teaching me to be calm with them and I get a little treat when we chat quietly together and I don’t get excited and nip.. I only nip now if I am over excited, but they turn away then til I calm down and then they chat to me again and stroke my foot.


I’m now on Tidymix and lots of veg and a little fruit. I love my seed and I will eat most green vegetables, I like sweetcorn, yellow peppers, beans and I will try most things if they are presented to me in a fun way. (like on a stick or sticking out of a box.) I love apple and will taste other fruit, but apple is my favourite. My weight fluctuates so it s good to keep an eye on that.


I have a couple of homemade toys that I love and will bring with me. I also like toys made of card and softer, safe materials that I can demolish and decorate the floor with. I like to be out of my cage and will run around the top to follow you around the room. If you think its safe for me to have internal doors open, I will fly from room to room to see what’s going on. However, my MOST favourite thing in my safe house is watching and chatting to the big birds! When the people are out I can see them through a glass door and I watch them and chat away ( I have taught one of the greys to chirp) When The people are with us I’m allowed to go in the room with the other big birds. I usually try to do a bit of a courtship but when they take no notice -I just fly to visit them on their cages. I am not scared of the big Macaw, but I definitely know to keep my distance. I still go on his cage, but I move away very quickly if he looks too hard at me. I always go in the greys cages too and taste their food (just in case its better than mine). Most of all I just like hanging with them and I like chattering away with them.


Gregory is a very handsome and sociable bird. He has been very loved all his life and is looking for a new home where there are other birds he can interact with. Ideally a busy household, perhaps with teenage children he can interact with would be great. Everyone would need to understand that Gregory can be a little nippy if he is over excited so a house with small children is not recommended. In time I believe Gregory will be able to enjoy physical interaction with his new family, but he needs to learn to trust them first and as importantly, learn how to be a bird again. For that reason, it’s important that he is not encouraged to bond with any one individual but enjoy the company of all individuals in the household.

Gregory is only small. As far as Amazons go, but he has bags of personality! He will love your company – but don’t expect him to be compliant all the time… he likes nothing more than a game of “catch me if you can” at bed time and you can almost see him thinking of ways to win the game. He is a delightful bird and to see the way he greets you if you come back in the room (even after only popping outside) will melt even the hardest heart.

Most importantly, for his long-term future, Gregory needs a loving home where he can learn to be a bird again surrounded by the love and care he has grown to rightly expect.  He has recently ventured outside into the aviary with the other birds and although not out for long he did seem to enjoy it. So if you have a space, or can create a space where he can be out of his cage with other birds this would be such a blessing for him.

Its hard to know Gregory without seeing the how much he can offer a family. Could you be that family who could welcome him into your home?


 Location: East Sussex

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