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Hi, I’m Green Pea

PP number: PP904


Name: Green Pea


Species: Yellow Crowned Amazon


Adoption fee: Price on application





Hi everyone my name is Green pea I’m a beautiful Amazon. I have a striking presence and can’t be missed my sh mum says I’m amazing so come on what are you waiting for?  take a look.

I’ve been in my new safehouse for short while and it has taken me a while to trust my safehouse mum and dad they both are lovely people and I am happy here, I’m learning to trust my safehouse mum now I’m not keen on dad but I like him talking to me and giving me treats. My safehouse mum says I’m a special girl and assures me she wont give up on me.  I love being out my cage all day but understand when mum needs to go out for while I need to go into my cage to say safe, I love my toys , cardboard to shread, and finding treats they hide for me. I love my fresh veg and fruit but sh mum says I cant have too much fruit as its bad for me so I get fruit limited banana is my favourite. In my safehouse there is mum, dad, and little dog which I don’t mind but don’t really see but do hear him occasionally. We do get few visitors which I enjoy seeing especially when they talk to me. Yes I can be noisy but mum says that’s what parrots do and she enjoys hearing me chatter and whistle away and she always joins in. I love to be sprayed and need this about three times a week the wetter I get the better I like to wash  in my water bowl too.

I have been out with other birds in my first sh. I’m not keen on those grey things with red Tails but the toos are ok they give me a run for my money with noise .  I also saw those cat things here but they didn’t get near me . I think I’d like to be a only bird if poss or need my own time out .

There were older children at my first sh there ok but I don’t do little ones so over 15 only please because I can be naughty and fly and bite them .

I can say a few words when I’m settled .



My owner sadly had to give me up due to illness. I was kept in a large indoor aviary most of my life. I was in my first sh about 6 months where I learnt lots of new things and also was harness trained I love to go out on my harness. I was adopted but unfortunately it did not work and I became very untrusting and quite shy again.


Current Presentation:

I’ve come on great since being in my safehouse and each day I’m trusting my safehouse mum more, I went from not wanting to come out my cage to sitting on top of cage but wouldn’t let anyone too close. Then I allowed mum to stand close to me and chat or id take treat from her hand then I began to let her stroke my head and one day she was stroking my head and I stepped up onto her arm, mum was so happy I got a piece of banana as a reward and sh mum said I’m such a good girl, today sh mum was having her cup tea and I flew from my cage to her. I will take food from both my safehouse parents but only like sh mum touching me. Sh Mum says I’m a good girl at all in fact I’m a pleasure to have and I’m part of the  family.



This is still in progress but I’m getting better everyday so sh mum says we will get there in end its just time and patience I need, sh mum would love to get me back to the bird I used to be,  she says in time she feels this is possible.



AS30 fresh fruit / veg plenty clean water green peas diet is very important and not much sugar is needed . She does not like pellets and ideally would be kept on as or a similar food.



Plenty toys, cardboard / paper to shread, loads time out cage, hiding treats , varied size / texture perches, a lot of interaction,  harness training when ready .

In previous times green pea has been harness trained and also enjoys time in a avairy .

A UV light may also be useful.



Green Pea has become an amazing bird and is progressing each day.  She loves interaction but is happy to play with her toys which she does destroy so will need plenty she also loves to shread cardboard toys I make for her. Green Pea does prefer females and there for is looking for a female adopter but doesn’t mind males talking to her or giving her a treat.

Green pea can be very loud so her adopter needs to be aware of this . She also needs a good routine .

Green pea has a ruptured air sack although it does not affect her as such it would just need keeping a eye on. She also needs a low sugar diet .


 Location:  South Wales

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