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Hi, I’m Grace

PP number: PP1166


Name: Grace


Species: CAG


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee: £CITES





This is Grace who is believed to be female, we believe Grace to be around 18 from what we know. She is a very shy and quiet Grey but loves to play and will chatter away if you’re out of sight.


From what we know about Grace she has lived with same family all of her life (apart from a brief few weeks where she moved in with another family member but she became a plucker and mover back home)

Current Presentation
Hi, I’m Grace and I’m staying at a busy family home with my safe house Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister and that’s just the ones without feathers. There are 4 other birds here too!!! I prefer women but I’m ok with my safehouse dad too. I’m not too sure of the other birds as I’ve never seen them before but they don’t scare me I just watch them from a distance and keep myself to myself. I like my own space and I wont always come out of my cage even when its left open for hours, when I do come out I’m a little shy of hands but will happily take fruit from hands or eat from the playstand food bowls. I will bow my head for tickles but this is on my terms and will occasionally try and have a nip but I don’t mean it nastily it’s just because I’m shy and need time to rust.
I do not like being sprayed in the house but when I get taken outside I love it as long as it is nice and sunny!! My cage isn’t the biggest, but I do like my little space and I can keep myself entertained for hours playing with my toys and shredding paper. I love music and will dance along with my safehouse sister whenever I can hear it! Also foraging through little boxes full of ripped up paper and treats is up there with my favourite things to do.

Grace doesn’t seem to have any formal training, but she is very well behaved and although I am told she prefers women she has not displayed this whilst in our home, she will lower her head for a little tickle to any in our home. She wont step up and be affectionate as such with any of us but she hasn’t been here for very long and trust can take time. She doesn’t show aggression towards any of us.
She does have a good vocabulary which you will hear if you go into another room, she does however answer the phone for you with a nice ‘hello’ she’ll say Gracie is a good girl, make an alarm sound and loads of other sounds. Once out of the room she will open up and chatter away. She also waves with her wings if you call her and wave to her.
I will be continuing to try and build her confidence with hands while she is here.

While here Grace eats tidymix and a variety of fresh fruit and veg along with a few harrisons pellets a day. Previously her diet was a heavily sunflower seed parrot seed and monkey nuts. She does enjoy bananas either dried or fresh and upto now we have not found any fresh fruit or veg that she does not enjoy and will happily eat any given to her.

Me Grace again! Just wanted to tell you what I like to do to have fun!
First and foremost, I loves my Green rolled paper dispenser it’s my bestest!!!
Since being here though I’m learning there are new things to play with and I am finding boxes filled with crape paper and food is fast becoming my favourite past time

Grace is a lovely grey that would fit in well with any family, she is happy to interact with either male or female of any age even if it isn’t a physical interaction. She will take a little time to come out of her cage and be confident enough to come out and explore her surroundings, but she shows no signs that she is aggressive. I fully believe that given the time she would be a brilliant bird that shows all the signs of becoming a lovely family member. She has previously been a plucker but again we haven’t actually seen her do this and she is beginning to regrow her chest feathers.

Thanks for reading and if you think Grace sounds like she could be the bird for you please don’t hesitate to apply for her and lets get her in her new forever home.

 Location: Doncaster

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