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Hi, I’m Gigsi

PP number: PP1026


Name: Gigsi


Species: African Grey


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £CITES




Hello my names Gigsi I’m a beautiful 28 yr old African Grey. I’m a lovely girl who swears most of the time I do sing “ Look on Brightside of life”. I love being out my cage all day and only really go in to eat during daytime. I will chew everything in sight whether it be those tempting blinds/curtains or that pretty carpet, I also like chewing wood including door frames, skirting boards, even though theirs loads toys to play with sometimes its more fun to be mischievous, Im more of a ladies bird, as I tend to bite them males, I like head tickles but on my terms only. I do step up but again only when I want to but I do prefer to come in and out my cage by myself. I love being sprayed but prefer the big bird bath to splash about in.


I’ve came back into charity through no fault of my own.

Current Presentation:

I am a fully feathered beautiful bird who loves being out cage all day, I like company of other greys here, I enjoy being sprayed, enjoy my food. I can be very mischievous and am always looking for things to chew even though somethings i’m not meant to as there’s loads toys, cardboard,paper to keep me busy.


I do step up when I want to but this needs working on, Im currently trying to learn not to swear especially some of the not so nice ones, my safehouse mum says a nice word when I swear and if I repeat it I get a yummy treat.


Breakfast 8am Yummy fresh veg with some chia seeds & spices. Lunch 12pm Harrisons coarse pellets. Teatime 4pm some fruit. Bedtime 8pm Johnson and Jeff fit & lean seed


Loves shredding cardboard / paper, enjoy chewing wood, loves foraging / puzzle toys, loves to be out cage all day other than popping in to eat my meals. Enjoys hunting out the hidden treats around the room sometimes in boxes or toys. Loves the big bird bath plenty of room to have good splash about, enjoys listening to nursery rhymes being played. really enjoys interaction time with my safehouse mummy where we play games. Loves all the different size / texture perches.


My safehouse mum says I’m a beautiful girl but its not very lady like to swear, shes convinced I have touretts lol. I enjoy my food and am not fussy with fresh food, its a must. I’m out my cage all day . I will chew anything I can get my beak on whether its those nice curtains / blinds or that pretty carpet, sofa and anything wood including door frames, there’s plenty of toys , ropes to play with but i’m mischievous so will chew these things i’m not meant to , but my safehouse mum just says that’s what parrots do. I go to bed at 8pm and wake at 8am. Gigsi is a lovely girl she does tend to bite males, she steps up on her terms but will happily go in and out cage by herself and is no problem getting back into cage. She can be very noisy and doesn’t like being in er cage other than to eat & sleep. She does like head tickles and will let you know when she wants fussing. Gigsi keeps herself busy all day shredding cardboard / paper, chewing anything wood, she enjoys puzzle toys and will happily seek out hidden treats around the room. She loves being sprayed but enjoys splashing about in big bird bath. She will chew anything she can get her beak on even if its not meant to e chewed.

 Location: South Wales

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