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Hi, I’m Gertie

PP number: PP791


Name: Gertie


Species: Blue Fronted Amazon


Cage supplied: New one needed


Adoption fee: £150


Description: All the ladies put your hands up!


Haha only joking, I’m looking for a man to share my life with. I currently live with four ladies aged 7-34 and I’m honestly just not a girls girl. I mean, if there’s no man around I don’t mind having my cage cleaned and my food delivered but they’re just so BORING. I generally just try to ignore them, unless they’ve got food then I bat my eyelashes until they share and I’m so gracious. Still don’t like them. 

I’m looking for a home where I’ve got a man there to give me cuddles and tickles and let me sit on the sofa with them, don’t mind if their missus sits next to them, I don’t mind sharing. However I don’t want her to touch me , if he’s at work or out I don’t mind her cleaning my mansion or cooking for me. 

Obviously I’m a well educated lady and screaming is below me. I do like a good chat though, and obviously I get excited when I see the chief of the house because lady, I gonna steal your man. I’ve been no trouble at all at my safehouse and I am really looking forward to that moment when I find my young man. Whether he’s taken or not 😘



Location: Cheshire

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