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Hi, I’m George

PP number: PP1370






Congo African grey



Adoption fee: £ cites



Hiya, it’s Georgie here! Apparently I am supposed to tell you a little about me but everyone knows I only do things I want to
do. But I do want to talk to you if you’re a man. Not women, I don’t like women!!! I don’t attack them unless they make me angry but they all say that I just randomly bite them. I let them pet me sometimes and I like it when they blow my feathers but not for long.
I can’t fly because when my Daddy died I plucked all of my tail and flight feathers. They are starting to come back now.



My owner died suddenly in May this year and since then I haven’t really left my cage as Mummy couldn’t handle me like daddy did.


Current presentation:

As I said before I can’t fly as I have plucked out all my feathers but safehouse mum and dad think that they will come back eventually. Currently though only feathers on my front are coming in.
I love safehouse dad lots and I like it when he let’s me on his shoulder and walk around the house!! I haven’t stepped up on a woman yet though but I have let them pet me. I normally just sit on a perch near my cage all day chatting away to anyone who will listen to me. I have taken to mimicking the door knock as someone always goes to check it because I am so convincing. This way I get some attention.  My safe house mum and dad say I am a very impressive talker because I say some complex sentences as well as very good mimics of the microwave, door knock and popping noises – that last one is particularly fun to listen to. My safe house family say I am very entertaining to listen to and they always laugh if I say something funny. I also say lots of Sesame Street related things and I love hearing the theme tune, I get very excited! I always say love you too when anyone I like leaves the room . In fact I do now sometimes say love you too when women leave the room as well. I am getting better with women but I will always be a man’s bird. I  haven’t met young children yet but I am very unpredictable so best to keep little hands away from my beak. I’m not at all destructive or a loud screamer , I only talk. However I am quite messy and I do like to throw food every where. I don’t sleep as much as the people here would like but I think I sleep the perfect amount. I am not cage territorial and I am fine with you changing the paper of my cage if you distract me with a nut or piece of carrot to eat. Yummy 





I have been introduced to target training but I don’t really like it very much. I normally ignore the stick completely unless it’s too near me at which point I retreat until its at a comfortable distance. I step up nicely for my safe house dad and my safe house mum does offer her hand often but I haven’t tried stepping onto it yet.

This Training is ongoing.




Mix of tops and Harrison’s pellets. Lots of vegies in a chop mix so I can’t pick anything out. I am I bit lazy and I do love to be
spoon-fed my chop. I love carrots! They are my absolute favourite!! I do also really like broccoli florets as well. I am not fussy but I am not very interested in peppers though.


I don’t play with toys and I’m not interested in the foraging tree so lovingly made for me by safehouse dad and the girl who also lives here. However I do like shredding newspaper and playing the “throw the ball as far as I can” game!


Georgie is a usually very sweet bird who needs a man to call her own. Her home doesn’t need to be
only men but the women do need to be prepared for the likely potential that Georgie won’t be too
friendly with them.


North Somerset

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