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Hi, I’m Geoff

PP number: PP859


Names: Geoff


Species: Bare Eyed Cockatoo


Cage supplied: Yes


Adoption fee:  £250




Hi I’m Geoff! I’m a very sweet and loving cockatoo who prefers men but am ok with women once I’ve warmed up to you. I’m not particularly noisy considering I’m a cockatoo but I do say hello and make some very sweet noises. I am not a fan of children so would prefer to be adopted to someone or a family with no younger children.



I’ve been in the PP family for some time now. I was previously adopted but due to a change in circumstances I am now with my safe house Mum and Dad in Nottingham. I absolutely love my safe house dad and when he is around I’m not really interested in anyone else. When my safe house dad is at work I will go to my safe house mum, now I’m used to her, and love nothing more than a head tickle.


Current Presentation:

I do prefer men. With men I’m all over them and want to love and kiss and always be on your shoulder. With women I’m initially a little wary and will give off a bite but recently I’ve warmed to my safe house mum and will give her kisses too.



With a man I will step up all day long. I want to be with you at all times and love the fuss and attention. I’m a very sweet, cute but needy bird. I don’t mind being sprayed to keep my feathers in good condition. I also like to be covered over at night time as make a few noises initially but I will settle eventually and sleep through until I’m uncovered the next morning.



I’m currently fed on Johnson and Jeffs low sunflower mix along with my daily veggies which I like warm. My favourite treats are walnuts.



I’m not a big toy fan nor do I like shredding paper ect. My main happiness comes from your attention so I need to be adopted by someone who will have the time to allow be out that cage and with you as much as possible although I would be ok if you had to go to work for short periods as long as I get all your attention when you get home.



If you’re a male or patience female and you think you can offer me a home where I can give you all the fuss and love in the world then please apply for me.

Lots of love Jeff x x x x


Location: Nottingham

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