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Hi, I’m Geoff

PP number: PP572


Name: Geoff


Species:Lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £ Cites




Hi, my name is Geoff and I am a beautiful Lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo!

I’ve been in my safehouse a couple weeks now and have settled in so well. I was a little nervous to begin with but once my safehouse mummy gained my trust I have just wanted to be around her ever since. I am a very loving boy who loves snuggles and tickles. I love attention and can shout if I don’t get it. I do not like men and children so my home would have to be with a female only as I will fly and try to attack them, but I’m a big softie with the ladies. I lived with other birds in my last home, but I can get very jealous and may try to bite you if you show them attention. I’m not a particularly noisy cockatoo at all. My safehouse mummy says I’m very easy to look after and no bother what so ever.



Geoff was a much-loved bird having lived with his previous owner for the past few years and was reluctantly given back to the rescue due to no fault of his own. He lived in a bird room with other birds and was free to fly and come and go as he pleases. We are not sure of his history prior to this.


Current Presentation:

Geoff is a fit and healthy-looking parrot who loves his showers in order to keep his feathers in pristine condition. He is a very handsome boy indeed.



Geoff loves company and will do anything you want in exchange for tickles, food and love. He was used to been free in a bird room so was a little unsure of his cage at first but is learning that there is lots of toys to keep him busy when he can’t come out. He is learning to go back into his cage when instructed to do so. He would be able to be harness trained no problem!



Geoff is on a diet of AS30 as well as chop with a large variety of seeds, veggies and a little fruit.



Geoff has lots of toys and he does like to play with a select few of them. He likes to chew and shred things the most. He likes to be out of his cage all day and is only put in a cage in the evening. He loves the company of his chosen one and will spend hours sat on your knee grooming while you help him with his pin feathers.



All in all Geoff is an amazing loving bird. He would need a home with females only and no children due to his dislikes. He will get on with other birds but is very jealous of the attention you give them. He does need a lot of attention so someone would need to be home most of the day or he would need to be in a bird room free to fly with other birds.

If you feel you can offer a lovely home to this fabulous bird, then please fill out an application form!


Location: Doncaster

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