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Hi, I’m Garry

PP number: PP1264


Name: Garry


Species: Indian Ring Neck


Adoption fee: £125



Hi I’m Garry, a beautiful Indian Ringneck! They’re not sure of my age, but they think I’m still only young.
I’m a little nervous around humans, but I’m getting so much better – I don’t fly away when they approached anymore, and will actually let you talk to me and even hold your hand out to me while I stand my ground.
I love to fly and I love to chew. I don’t talk but I enjoy mumbling and singing away to myself. I can be loud at times, but overall I prefer quiet mumbling instead of loud shouting!



Sadly, Garry hasn’t had the best start in life, he’s had a couple of different homes already and we don’t think his first home were very kind.


Current Presentation:

When Garry arrived, he would fly away as soon as a human walked near, he is now much more confident and will stay close by. He loves to have a good fly around the house, and to have a good sing song too! He doesn’t talk but makes some beautiful noises. Once he’s stretched his wings he loves to sit on one of the perches dotted around and make his little sounds, and chew! He doesn’t love his cage, although now he’s realised he will be let out again he is getting much better. He will go in of his own accord, when his belly persuades him, so I often wait until the end of the day to put his chop in his cage. He will sit near the other birds here, but doesn’t like them coming close. He is around 3 young children here and he is happy with them being around. He doesn’t mind their loudness or sudden movements, but they do leave him alone.



Garry has had no training here. He doesn’t step up, although with time I believe he may gain enough confident to take food from us, and from there maybe learn to step up. He’s still too nervous at the moment.



Garry enjoys his food, he eats AS30 and enjoys most veg and fruit we’ve given him in chop. He is not keen on cucumber! He enjoys almonds, so these are handy pick out until the end of the day!



Garry loves to chew and fly. He’ll need lots of toys he can destroy, and lots of space to stretch his wings. Otherwise he’s just happy sitting on top of his cage, or one of the perches close to the ceiling, and mumbling away to himself.



Garry is a lovely bird and would suit a home where he can just quietly observe the world around him. He needs humans who are calm and patient, and will move at his pace. He shows no preference to men, women or children, as long as they give him space, he is happy. He deserves a forever home.

Location: Kidderminster

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