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Hi, I am Freddie

PP number: PP1286


Name: Freddie


Species: Hahn’s Macaw


Adoption fee: £300


Cage Supplied: Yes



Hi, I’m Freddie! I’m a beautiful, fully feathered male Hahn’s Macaw. I may be small (for a macaw!), but I have a huge personality!



I am, according to my leg ring, 16 years old. I came into the charity in 2021, so I have been looking for a home for a while – through no fault of my own!


Current Presentation:

I am a beautiful, fully feathered boy. However, I have previously had an altercation in which I received a bite to my upper mandible. This is healing well, but it has left me nervous. You can see in my photos what my beak looked like before this accident, and what I look like now! I’m still a very handsome boy, as you can see.



I will happily take treats from hands, but training can be difficult and slow because I am nervous and stubborn. Everything has to be on my terms, and I can be nippy when I have had enough! With lots of patience, time, and love, and the right home, I have lots of potential to learn to bring out my best side.



Because of my beak injury, my diet is made up of Harrison’s high potency fine pellets, soaked in water to make it easier for me to eat. I also eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and I love oranges, grapes, spinach, and kale. I can be a fussy eater with other things, though, and broccoli gets thrown straight on the floor! I love having nuts as a treat for training too.



I love to play with my toys in my cage and especially enjoy shredding cardboard and newspaper. I am a good flyer and like flying around the room!



Overall, Freddie is a lovely bird, but he can be stubborn and nippy. With the right training and plenty of love and care, he has enormous potential to be a wonderful companion. He can talk well and has a wide vocabulary; he says ‘good boy’, ‘Freddie’, ‘cake’, ‘I want cake’, ‘gi’ me cake’, ‘it’s broken’, ‘see ya then’, ‘hello’, ‘come over here’, ‘give me kiss’, ‘mwah’, and he’s added ‘good girl’ since he’s been at his current safehouse! He also has an ‘evil’ laugh!! He loves to talk; he really engages and enjoys having conversations with people. He also loves to take baths and showers.

Freddie would be best suited to a calm home with no children, but he has no preference for men or women. He is a lovely bird with so much to give to the right family. He is a sweet boy who is so entertaining and fun to be around, he just needs a home where he can reach his potential and build his confidence. If you could offer this to him, please don’t hesitate to apply below.


Location: Cheshire

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