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Hi, I am Freddie

PP number: PP1265





Species: Hahns Macaw


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Hi my name is Freddie, I am a Hahn’s macaw, one of the smaller breeds of macaw but i have a massive attitude and personality. I am believed to be male.



I came in to the charity through no fault of my own and it was a hard decision for my owners to make to find me a new home.


Current Presentation:

I am fully feathered and can fly, i do enjoy a good shower or i will be happy taking a bath in my water bowl


I am currently learning to trust my safe house Mum, but as hard as she tries, I will not step up for her yet. this is an ongoing thing and will need lots of further training. They say I am a stubborn boy so someone with lots of patience with me, I will step up. I do not like to be touched or handled, and will give a hard bite to warn you.


I am a foodie! I love all food, all fruit and veg, green beans are my best veg. I don’t get many nuts here but when i get them, I will eat them all.



I love spending time with my room mate Alfie who is an eclectus parrot, we get on with each other really well so we hang out together. I don’t really play with toys as such but i will investigate and have a little chew on a cardboard box and maybe your furniture if i am allowed.



summary: Freddie has been with us for some time now and is settling quite happily. he is a naughty bird, he will give a bite if he isn’t happy or if you are in his face too much. he is quite an independent bird, happy spending time with other birds. he will eat everything you give him, so a good healthy diet is a must. e have two small children here who he isn’t keen on, so a home without small children would suit him although he does enjoy talking and shouting with them. Freddie does enjoy hearing his own voice and can be very loud at times so understanding neighbors are a must. Freddie does not like hands near him and will bite but this is something we are working on and it must be kept up with in his new home. all in all, Freddie is a funny, full on attitude, noisy bird. he will be a lovely companion for a strong willed person. if you think you can offer Freddie what he needs then please don’t hesitate to apply.




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