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I’m Fred

PP number: PP1204


Name: Fred


Species: African Grey


Adoption fee: £300





Fred is believed to be 23-24 years of age, he was surrendered to Problem Parrots as his owner of 23 years became very unwell.



Fred came into safe house with me as an emergency placement as his owner was in hospital and Fred was left alone for a period of time, he lived with his owner for 23 years. We do not know any more information than this.


Current Presentation:

Fred arrived as an emergency placement and a very poorly bird in Early October, He sadly Has a heart murmur, a Cataract in his right eye and which we believe causes blindness in that side at the most he can see shadows, Fred also has a mass both in and behind the eye which he has been receiving oral anti-inflammatory and antibiotics for this treatment is ongoing it is doubtful he will regain sight on that side safe house mum uses vet wrap on perches so he can feel with his feet when he can’t see from that angle he also needs flat perches and consistency of his cage lay out as he can be very nervous on his feet Because of his disability, Fred is also medicated for Aspergillosis which is another oral medication twice daily via syringe. Fred must be nebulised twice daily with F10 solution, this treatment is ongoing with no timeline. Fred also barbers his feathers; his avian vet believes this is a very old habit that may or may not get better with time, correct care and enrichment safe house mum uses a avian lamp for Fred which will also need to be purchased as part of his treatment. Fred has had and will need lots of veterinary treatment and check-ups also weekly communication with his avian vet (Anton avian vet Andover Wiltshire) which must continue for Fred to have the best chance of recovery.

Fred’s favourite thing to do is sit on the java tree watching people and children walk past the window, he loves his cardboard for shredding and lots of different toys changed daily to keep him distracted from his feathers. He loves to throw things off his cage and watch safe house mum pick them all up again. Fred likes foot toys and anything he can fling across the room he can go through a box in half a day. He is not a huge fan of wooden hanging toys, but he is now learning to enjoy them as he has grown in confidence. Fred took a long time to settle and it has not been the nicest experience for any parrot to be medicated daily however Fred is very much now settled and loves all of his safe house family, he has a very special bond with safehouse mum who is his primary career and provides all Fred’s Needs.



Fred is a nervous but Friendly bird, he is still adjusting to losing his owner of 23 years and settling into a new family and having his treatment, as Fred’s Safehouse mum Fred is my number one priority every day, it has been very important to maintain such a trusting loving relationship with Fred without him loosing trust in me due to the length of time he has now been on medication, despite this Fred will step up for me and loves to shoulder surf, he enjoys spending his day with me and interaction, he will sit and have his head scratches for hours! Once he’s in a head scratch he can be reluctant for you to stop and is very persistent but who can resist such a special boy. Fred knows the medication routine and is not a fan as expected, he needs an experienced confident handler to give his medication and nebulise, luckily for me he is such a good boy and has a solid level of trust, he knows what and when and I’m convinced he knows why! Such a Clever boy.



Fred arrived with some old food in a container that was mainly sunflowers, Fred now has As30 and a fantastic variety of fresh vegetables in the form of chop and also cooked vegies. It took a long time, but Fred now loves his  fresh healthy food especially peas sweet potato and carrots. He does enjoy the occasional grape and apple and he loves pomegranate and camomile tea before bed.



CARDBOARD, Fred could put a Cardboard company out of business in a day! Fred loves his boxes but also home-made cardboard toys and a foraging box with lots of hidden treats and things to shred, this is especially important to distract him from his feathers. Fred is now learning to enjoy his wooden toys and likes to tell them to “come on” before saying owwwwww! he especially enjoys playing with anything noisy that he can through across the room, and he will wait excitedly for you to put it back so he can do it again.

Fred has a daily shower mid-morning with warm water and pure aloe vera fresh cut from my plant to help his feathers, Fred enjoys going in different rooms of the house visiting my daughter’s rooms and chilling in my room with me prancing over the bed! Fred enjoys playing with his toys with both my daughters and I and loves you to talk with him and attempt to copy his fantastic whistles! He enjoys being near a window so he can watch people going by outside and enjoys barking and meowing at dogs or cats walking past the window.  Fred enjoys sitting with both of us on the sofa having his head rubs and playing with whatever, he can shred or fling.



Fred is the apple of my eye!!! He is the most amazing brave parrot I’ve ever safe housed! He has overcome so much; Fred is a special bird that needs a special mum who understands his needs and will dedicate themselves to Fred’s care. Fred takes time to trust and needs structure in his day to make him feel as calm and safe as possible, his treatment has no end date so this must be taken into consideration, Fred has not mixed with other people due to lockdown but here he is happy and settled with his humans my 2 older daughters myself and my husband, he likes us all but has a really special bond with me. He enjoys the laid-back slow pace in my home as there is no surprises and routine, he simply is a gentleman.



 Location:  Wiltshire

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