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Hi, I am Frankie

PP number: PP1335





Species: Congo african grey


Adoption fee: £300



Hello everyone my name is Frankie, I am a lovely African grey with loads of character. I came into problem parrots a few weeks ago through no fault of my own, I’ve settled really well in my safehouse with mum and her 12 year old son, mums defiantly my favorite human but I do fly to her son and sit close so he can feed me treats but he knows no touching allowed or I will bite Lol.  We do have a male human visit but if I’m out my cage I will fly over and bite him, sorry all you males out there but I just don’t like you. There is also a dog and some chickens which I only see when I’m safely in my cage, but they don’t bother me at all.  Mum says I’m a highly intelligent confident bird, I love human interaction from both mum and her son, I’m a right chatterbox.

I am out my cage from 8am until 8pm which I love so I can fly around and get up to mischief I’m a pro at pinching things I’m not meant to have and flying to my play stand with them, I also love remote controls mobile phones.  I’ve not met any  young children as yet but mum says I would need supervising around them.  I do step up when I want to but mum is doing target / clicker training with me which is fun. I don’t like being left alone and will try to follow you mum is training me its ok to stay on my play stand as she will be back soon.


Current Presentation:

Frankie is a lovely smart bird with loads of character, he loves his food especially warm veg.  He
can be very mischievous and constantly chats. Frankie doesn’t like men at all and will bite given the chance. Frankie is out his cage from 8am until bedtime 8pm and he doesn’t like to be covered.  Frankie loves sitting on females heads but this is part of his training to discourage this and he is slowly improving.



Clicker training is in progress to get Frankie to step up and to discourage sitting on heads, so this will need to be continued.



fresh veg and limited fruit, AS30, Pellets



Plenty cardboard/paper to shred, enjoys all toys especially puzzle ones, loves being sprayed. Loves
cardboard box to forage in, ropes, human interaction, going in garden in my cage, plenty time out cage to fly around.


Frankie has come on loads since coming to safehouse, he doesn’t like being left in room alone and if his out cage will follow you, but I am training him to stay on play stand or in room alone which is slowly progressing. Frankie enjoys all food but loves warm veg the most, he enjoys being sprayed. Overall Frankie is amazing but can be very mischievous he has great vocabulary.  He loves human interaction and doesn’t deal well with being left alone for too long.  Frankie has great dislike to men and will bite given the chance.

He is an adorable rascal who would make a great addition to any loving home.



south wales

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