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Hi, I’m Frank

PP number: PP1190


Name: Frank


Species: African Grey


Adoption fee: Papers applied for.





Hi my name is Frank I am 4 year old Dna tested male african grey. As you can see I have no wing feathers or tail feathers but don’t let my appearance put you off I am a lovely boy who deserves a chance of happiness.


I came into problem parrots due to no fault of my own my previous owner were struggling to look after me so they made the decision to give me to the charity so I can find a new home where I can be out all day.


Current Presentation:
I have been in my safehouse quite some time now , and I have settled in really well when I first arrived I was so nervous I wouldn’t allow anyone to go near me. Well this has changed I am now out all day and I love my safehouse dad everytime I see him I blush and get really excited. I cannot fly due to being badly plucked my feathers are slowly coming back my
safehouse mum and dad are doing everything they can for me to stop me from plucking. I now have the uv light on me allday as apparently this is really good for my feather growth and daily showers ooo I love these. Oh and my safehouse mum and dad put me some extra hemp seed in my diet this is good too. I step up to anyone in the house but I do prefer the male of the house, I love to talk sing and dance I say hello, I’m a big boy, I’m a good boy, do you want a drink and so much more. I am not a cuddly bird but I do love a good head tickle on my own terms. I am not to keen on small children they make me
nervous especially if I’m out as I cant fly to get away from them. I am not aggressive I am just a nervous bird so I can be nippy.



I step up sometimes only on my own terms we are working in this but I am getting better every time .


I am on as30 and I love that. I do eat my veg and fruit occasionally my favourite is a piece of
apple. And my favourite treat is walnuts mmm.



I haven’t really found a toy which I enjoy but I love to shred paper my safehouse mum and dad put them on the bars of my cage and I take them of and rip them apart this is fun it keeps me entertained for hours and stops me thinking about my feathers.


Frank would suit a home with someone with experience and someone with a lot of time and attention and patience to give. As he is such a nervous bird he needs a lot of reassurance. He is very badly plucked and cannot fly and I cant say if he will ever get his full feathers back or fly again but we can always hope. He does prefer men but he will happily go to a women, he isn’t aggressive he is such a sweet little boy, we have had such the pleasure of safehousing him and he will be sadly missed we have watched him grow from a very nervous bird to a more confident one he loves to walk around the house and follow you room by room to watch what you are doing. He deserves a forever home and one where he will be loved and be able to be out all day or sat on your knee.

Location:  Northwich, Cheshire

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