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Hi, I’m Floyd

PP number: PP1330


Name: Flyod


Species: Ducorps cockatoo


Adoption fee: £300



yes but i will need a bigger one please.




Hello im Floyd and I’m a beautiful 4 year old Ducorps cockatoo, I’m a real funny little guy they tell
me here, I absolutely live to chatter away as much as I can and will tell you everything that has been going on all day
and tell you a lot more as well, I do love singing my favourite songs and they are the hockey cokey and the greatest showman. I really really like wood to play with and destroy its so much fun. My sh dad says I’m a real bundle of joy and I’m really funny.



Floyd came back into the charity through no fault of his own and is a fantastic little character .


Current Presentation:


Floyd is an amazing funny little character who has endless amounts of energy and will chat and sing his heart out all day,
Floyd has quite a range of vocabulary for a Ducorpse cockatoo and will say hello, hiya, what you doing. Hello Google, no
,he shouts my husbands name and say Kevin what you doing, followed by shower time and this seems to be his favourite
thing to say. He will also sing the hockey cokey and the greatest showman. Floyd isn’t to good at stepping up but will fly to you on recall and he can be a bit stubborn when it comes to going back into his cage. Floyd can be a bit boisterous around other birds but if they leave him alone his happy although he does not seem to like other toos and is scared of
Macaws, so ideally if he lives with other birds nothing bigger then a grey. Floyd has a lot of toys and needs lots of stimulation to stop him chewing everything he can find.


we have been working on stepping up and going back into his cage, we have shown Floyd a harness but he
isn’t fond of it yet but will continue trying.



AS30 seed mix and daily fresh fruit and veg, soaking seeds



Floyd adores Wood to chew and play with , he has a large amount of toys that he does play around with. If Floyd can destroy it he will. His not that interested in cardboard but if its a wooden toy it’s all his. He does love a shower and will tell you by shouting shower time when he wants one.



Floyd is an amazing boy and will bring you hours of fun and entertainment with his chatting and singing.
Floyd does like to sit and watch the TV with you but you have to watch him or the couch will get eaten.
His very fast and flys really well. His not keen on other toos or big birds and he can be nippy if he
doesn’t want to be tickled and will nip when you put your hands in the cage but he isn’t aggressive he
just warns you. This little beauty is a fun fantastic feathered friend and in the right home he will be the
main attraction as everything in Floyd’s world is all about him as it should be.




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