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Hi, I’m Floyd,

PP number: PP1181


Name: Floyd


Species: Ducorps Cockatoo


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £250





My name is Floyd and I am a 3 year old Ducorps Cockatoo. I have settled in so well in my safehouse with no problems. I did scream quite a lot when I first came as I wanted all the attention on me and didn’t like to be on my own but soon realised my safehouse mum or dad we not far away. I hardly ever scream now. My old owner was a female and I must admit I hated her husband and use to fly and attack him, but I seem to have taken to my safehouse dad here and I am madly in love with him. I do also love to be around my safehouse mummy but if dad is around I want his cuddles. I am a friendly chap who loves attention and cuddles but my safehouse family do have to be careful as I will overbond very easily. I have a huge personality and can talk and talk all day long!

I lived with my last owner since I was a baby. I was a very much loved by my owner but due to a change in circumstances I wasn’t getting the attention I really needed.


Current Presentation:
Floyd is a fully feathered Cockatoo who is in perfect condition.

Floyd will step up to both his safehouse parents very easily. He will also fly on recall. He does need work when it comes to putting him back in his cage as he just loves his new found freedom. Once in his cage he is happy and settled in no time. We have started clicker training with Floyd and this will need to be continued. He will do anything for food and treats. Floyd does have a harness but will not allow us to put it on him and he is quite frightened of it but with time and patience we think harness training can be achieved. Floyd also doesn’t like mobile phones and will fly at you if you are on your phone and he is ignored. We are working on this with him at the moment.

My diet is J&J low sunflower seed mix with lots of fresh vegetables and a little fruit. He prefers to have his chop warm rather than cold. He will also eat sprouted seeds and pulses and loves cooked birdie bread.

Floyd came into the charity with a huge amount of toys and we can now see why. He loves to shred and destroy anything! He particularly loves to chew up jigsaw pieces and wooden dominos. Floyd needs lots of toys and wooden dominos. Floyd needs lots of toys and wood to keep him busy everyday. He does prefer wood and cardboard rather than plastic toys.He also likes to forage for nuts in his cardboard boxes.

Floyd is a typical young cockatoo who needs lots of attention and needs to be kept very busy. He can be unpredictable at times and will tell you if he doesn’t like what you are doing so will need an experienced owner. He loves to sing the greatest showman and the Okey Kokey. He has a large vocabulary but is also learning new words everyday. He will laugh, cough, say hello, see you later, I love you plus many more. He does like a fuss and to be snuggled but has over bonded in the past so this needs to be kept to a minimum. Floyd can be a little nippy at times and will tell you if he doesn’t like what you are doing. He doesn’t like you on your phone and will fly at you if he’s ignored. This we are working on! He will need a new big cage as his cage is far too small. He lives in his safehouse among other birds and doesn’t mind them at all. He has two Galah’s and a Senegal to keep him company. I think Floyd will thrive in a household with other birds for company. He doesn’t mind new faces either and will happily go and say hello to anyone. He is also use to dogs and doesn’t mind them around.

All in all Floyd is an amazing bird with a huge personality who needs to be constantly busy. He doesn’t like to me left alone so would need someone to be around in the daytime for him.

If you feel you are the right home for Floyd please apply!


 Location:  Scunthorpe

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