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Hi, I’m Farrero

PP number: PP1038


Name: Farrero


Species: Budgie


Cage supplied: No


Adoption fee: £0




Farrero is a found bird I believe it’s a she but very young still. She was found on a cold and wet eve by flying into a window.

Very sweet bird loves to be out will be a great addition to anyone’s home.


Found bird.

Current Presentation:

Happy budgie , eating and drinking well, likes to try a bit of veg. Slowly accepting the odd tickle with a finger. Likes to be out not so keen on going back in. Likes her toys and swings . Not a nippy bird.


Slowly trying step up and tickles would need to be continued.


Budgie mix and vegetables.


Lots of toys and a bell. Lots of time out not afraid of the big birds at all.


She will make a lovely little bird given time a patience . Shes a very pretty girl striking colour.

This little girl is not one bit of trouble, she has seen dogs, cats and other birds with no issues. Also has been around younger and older children again no issues.

She has started to sing some lovely tunes and will brighten up anyone’s day .

If you think you have room in your heart and home for her I’m sure you will not regret it.

As she is a found bird she will be on long term foster.


 Location: Melbourne, Derby

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