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Hi, we are Ernie & Larry

PP number: PP1274/75


Name: Ernie & Larry


Species: Quakers


Adoption fee: £185





Hi our names are Ernie and Larry.



The previous owner had some personal problems so decided to find a new home for the boys


Current Presentation:

We are both fully feathered, flying birds and love being together and flying about



I have tried hand taming these 2 lovely boys but have been unsuccessful. These two would suit an aviary, they are not hand tame at all.



We are eating Johnston & Jeff low lean and fit and we love it. We are a bit partial to some carrot and strawberries



We do have some wooden toys that we like to have a good nibble at and we also love to fly about and try to play with the other birds here but they don’t bother us. We would love a nice big space to fly around chasing each other all day long.


Ernie and Larry are lovely colourful birds, they are not hand tame and we do like to have a good nip at your fingers. They do love to have a good fly about they would suit an aviary better than a cage as they do seem to like being around other birds. They are very chirpy birds and love it when the sun shines through the window. if you can offer us what we need please don’t hesitate to apply for us

Location: Durham

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