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Hi, I’m Eric

PP number: PP1185


Names: Eric


Species: Congo African Grey


Adoption fee: £ cites



Eric is a lovely boy, he came back into the charity due no fault of his own, he’s a very sweet natured boy. And his now on
the search for his forever home.



Not a lot is known about Erics past, he was adopted out and came back in due no fault of his own


Current Presentation:

Eric is around 20 years old, he loves anyone, he has no preference to male or female and is fine with older children.
He will step up on his own terms (this is working progress) he does prefer to step up on your arms than hands he doesn’t
like those he will go to bite them.
He loves to be out all day, either getting up to mischief ( he has a new game throwing everything of safehouse mum and
dads table) and he loves to be shoulder surfing.
He does love music and having a dance and whistling along. He isn’t loud or destructive in anyway.
Ohhh his favorite toy is his swing he loves that.
Eric loves to talk he has a great vocabulary and speaks in a very low tone, he says hello, come on, Eric, I love you and so
much more.
There is a dog in the safehouse and Eric is fine with the dog in the room when safely locked in his cage.


Eric is on as30, he’s been trying all sorts of fruit and veg ( were still working on which ones he likes)
He has taken a fancy to some grapes.


Training is still on going. Eric will step up on his own terms, clicker training him seems to be going really well and he’s
getting the hang of it.
He does prefer to step up on your arms than hands.



Eric loves to spend most of day out of his cage either dancing to music or getting up to mischief, his favorite toy is his
He does love to shred wooden blocks and cardboard.


Eric deserves his chance of happiness in a forever home,
Hes a very easy going bird, he loves any one and doesn’t have a preference.
He isn’t loud or destructive, he is a beautiful boy and a cheeky little chap.



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