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Hi, I;m Eric

PP number:  PP677


Name:  Eric


Species:  Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Adoption fee: Price on application



Hi I’m Eric, I’m about 47yrs old but I don’t feel it. I’m a super cute fella really.


I was adopted but because of personal circumstances I sadly came back into problem parrots.


Current presentation
I’m a bit of a stress head so my feathers aren’t in the best condition. I tend to over preen and snap my feathers and leave the shaft in. I’m a tatty but loveable rogue. My balance isn’t too good, and I struggle to fly, which means I sometimes crash land to the floor.


I have AS30 along with Harrisons high potency pellets. I love banana for breakfast and the odd grape. I love mashed sweet potato with lots of veggies both cooked and raw.


My favourite thing to do is chew wood, I do enjoy seeking out the forbidden wood and furniture so please supply lots of wood pieces. I also enjoy ripping up a box with lots of treats so I can hide in it and forage for the treats.


I haven’t stepped up for my safe house dad yet, I prefer coming to sit on your arm so step up training is needed. I love interacting with you and learning so consistent boundaries would be most welcome. With the right person I may even try some harness training. The sunshine will be good for my skin and feathers.


Ok, so I have some issues that need to be addressed. I can over bond to a man if allowed and I will bite any female that gets too close. I am terrified of dogs and will scream so a home with no dogs would be perfect. I don’t like too many people in the house, this makes me quite nervous and I may pluck my feathers. I do like to chew wood so if I don’t have any of my own I will chew your door frames. So a good supply of wooden blocks and branches is a must.
Please note, I am a Mans bird and happy being in male company. You will need to encourage me to play on my own as I over bond and I’m a bit of a trouble maker if I’m allowed to over bond. Now for the good stuff. I’m a super cuddly friendly chap, who will love the man of the house unconditionally. I love tickles and will ask for them. I can say lots of words such as hello Eric, tickle tickle and love you. I’m just a raggy loveable rogue looking for the perfect man and my own cage in a forever home.


Location: Durham

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