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Hi, I;m Eric

PP number:  PP677


Name:  Eric


Species:  Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £300



Hi I’m Eric and I am 48yrs young.



Well, where should I start?

I was adopted but because of personal circumstances I sadly came back into problem parrots again.

I originally came here in April 2020 when I was at my worst state. My SH Dad gave me an almighty cuddle which I loved and then we started to get me sorted out the next day. Every other day he would soak me with a spray bottle, I’m still not a fan so I go down to the bottom of the cage and stand there head down. When he’s finished (finally) I will climb up the cage and start preening my feathers then after 15 minutes he’s back with a cardboard box, a new toy, a catalogue or something else (SH Dad thinks I don’t notice the tricks he uses).


Current Presentation:

I’m a bit of a stress head if I’m left alone too much in my cage, you can come to see me with nuts, a food bowl and I will empty them because I want out of the cage, once I have been out of the cage for 5 minutes all that stress has gone and I back to normal.

I did tend to over preen and snap my feathers and leave the shaft in when I was left alone, but not anymore!

I’m a loveable rogue who climbs down the cage and dances, goes exploring, tries to get in to anything!!

He is cuddly, love’s his head tickles, lets you do anything to him and even more so, he lays his head down on your knee while your hand gently plays with his crest while you watch TV.

It’s been a long road but we’re only half way at the moment, the wings are all that is left.



I’ve stepped up for my safe house dad 4 times, I prefer coming to sit on your arm so step up training is needed. I love interacting with you and learning so consistent boundaries would be most welcome. With the right person he is placid and  lets you put a harness on him and I’ve only got one hand, we’ve been to the shop twice.



I have AS30 seed mix. I have seeded toast with coconut oil or palm oil on it, hard boiled egg, scrambled eggs with veggies in it, porridge made with water. I love, love, love all fruits except pear (eugh). I enjoy lots of veggies both cooked and raw.

Nuts, nuts and more nuts, I love them, but my SH Dad is a mean grump because he keeps them locked away. 2 times a week we get to have a bouquet of flowers for us to demolish (roses or carnations) but we had a treat this Christmas a Christmas Cactus and it was yummy!



My favourite thing to do is chew wood, I do enjoy seeking out the forbidden wood and furniture so please supply lots of wood pieces. I also enjoy ripping up a box with lots of treats so I can hide in it and forage for the treats.

My SH Dad has taught me to go and get into the cage for 5 minutes while he goes to make a coffee (left alone I would demolish the front room, I know, I did do!) So now he says ‘come on naughty boy’ and I go straight to my cage and in, then I say ‘Eric a good boy’.



Ok, so I have some little issues that need addressing. The man or men of the house I can over bond to you if you don’t tell me and will bite any female that gets too close, but, I have found a lady I did like, so who knows.

I’m terrified of dogs and cats, my SH Dad has 2 dogs and 2 cats, they’re nice, but as soon as they get too close to my home I scream, also, they’re various sized birds here, CAG to a Macaw, I’m afraid of them because I think I can’t fly so I’m best on the other side of the room.

As mentioned above I need a good supply of wooden blocks, branches, toys etc, or your door frames, windowsills, furniture, will have my undivided attention.

Please note, I’m a mans bird and happy being in male company. You will need to encourage me to play on my own as I over bond and I’m a bit of a trouble maker if I’m allowed to over bond.

Now for the good stuff, I’m a super cuddly friendly chap, who will love the man of the house unconditionally. I love tickles and will ask for them. I can say lots of words such as Hello Eric, Tickle Tickle, Love You, Eric A Good Boy, Come On and Naughty Boy and more. I’m just a loveable rogue looking for the perfect man and my own cage in a forever home.



Location: Durham

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