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Hi, we are Eric & Ernie

PP number: PP1281/82


Name: Eric & Ernie


Species: Lorrikeet


Adoption fee: £300



Hello everyone our names are Eric & Ernie we are 3 yrs old  bonded pair lorikeets. We came into Problem Parrots through no fault of our own. At safehouse there is mum & a little boy who both say they love having us around. We both enjoy being in garden in our cage but we are really enjoying being out cage indoors with all this human interaction. We don’t have preference to men or woman and also enjoy older children’s company. We can be a little nippy but usually its first thing in morning when we are hungry, and occasionally when we are out our cage but our safehouse mum says we are getting better. We do chat to one another and can also be bit noisy with our chirping and squawking but this is normally when we first wake up. We both love our food especially fresh veg & fruit which has to be blended due to us being nectar feeders our favourite veg is carrot & swede and fruit its bananas, strawberries, mango, grapes and berries. We both enjoy being sprayed bt will also enjoy bathing in water bowl. We love to land on heads & shoulders but normally fly off after a while. Mums currently teaching us to step up but we are not sure of hands so we will normally step up on mums shoulder or arm but mums still trying to get us used to hands. We wake at 7.30am and got to bed at 7.30pm we liked to be covered for bedtime.



We came into Problem Parrots through no fault of our own, our previous owner had us since babies but due to change in circumstance they could no longer give us care & attention we were used to.


Current Presentation:

Eric &/ Ernie are amazing birds full of character they have settled in safehouse really well and haven’t shown any preference to men or woman they both also like older children not sure what they would be like with babies though. They love to be out of cage all day and enjoy human interaction, they also enjoy being outside in their cage. They are still a little bit nippy but this is slowly  improving. Eric & Ernie can be noisy especially first thing in morning when they are hungry but once fed they seem to quieten down a bit. Both are slowly learning to step up but are not too sure of hands so will step up on shoulder or arm. They love their toys and enjoy shredding paper/cardboard. They wake about 7.30am and go to bed about 7.30pm where they like to be covered



Currently learning to step up and getting used to hands this will need to be continued.


Diet: Cede

Lori Nectar, fresh fruit / veg pureed



Plenty toys, paper / cardboard to shred, plenty different perches, ropes



Eric & Ernie are amazing birds to have around yes they can be bit noisy but no more than any other bird, they love human interaction, enjoy being out cage all day or out in garden. They both love their toys and enjoy shredding paper/ cardboard. They love everyone who will show them attention can be little bit nippy but its no longer constant. They enjoy most fresh foods as well has their nectar food. They are very comical birds which would suit any family who could give them plenty time out cage and loads human interaction, but they also enjoy being in an aviary.


 Location: South Wales

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