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Hi, we are Eric & Ernie

PP number: PP1281/82


Name: Eric & Ernie


Species: Lorrikeets


Adoption fee: £300



We are a couple of super cheeky and mischievous Rainbow Lorikeets that will entertain you with our acrobatics and wrestling for hours on end! Although we’re called Eric and Ernie, we’re actually a boy and a girl, and we’re about 3-years-old.

We don’t have a preference for male or female and we’ll happily fly to the small people in our safe house and preen their hair. We’re still getting used to hands though and can be nippy, so bear that in mind if we’re around small people.  There’s also a small dog in our safe house and we don’t seem bothered by her…in fact, we think we kind of intimidate her with our strutting!

We love to sing (or squawk) the song of our people, especially at mealtimes, so you’ll need to be comfortable with some noise! We also know some human words – “kiss”, “whatcha doing?”, “step up”, “hello” etc and lots of whistles and honks.

We’ll level with you…like all Lorikeets we are pretty high maintenance! All birds are really, but we need a nectar and fruit-based diet and we are messy eaters and frequent poopers! You will spend an awful lot of time cleaning our cage or aviary!



We came into Problem Parrots through no fault of our own, our previous owner had us since babies but due to change in circumstance they could no longer give us care & attention we were used to.


Current Presentation:

We are fully feathered and flighted. Ernie’s (the female) feathers are not in the best condition but a good diet and time should get her looking her best. We absolutely love to have a bath every other day – be prepared to get wet as we splash around in a tray of water! Sometimes we’ll let safe house Mum mist us with a bottle, but we’re not as keen on this.

We will come with our own cage but it is not the best design for Lorikeets because the doors are small and it can be difficult to clean…which is unfortunate as we are very messy!



We will need someone to be quite firm with us. We haven’t had much training before so we can sometimes be nippy, especially if we’re hungry. We’re working on “step up” and getting used to hands. We prefer to step up onto an arm or shoulder – we’ll need you to let us know you’re the boss and that we need to go onto your arm or hand and not be so bossy! This should help us understand that we shouldn’t nip.



Our diet is quite different to a lot of parrots because we have brush tongues and are nectar-feeders. We should have access to Lori nectar at all times. This needs to be changed in the morning and afternoon, especially in the summer. The rest of our diet is made up of fruit and vegetables. We especially like berries, pomegranate, apple, grapes, mango, broccoli and peppers. All our food used to be pureed but safe house Mum has found we like it chopped, as it gives us some interesting textures. Unlike other parrots we shouldn’t eat seed mixes or nuts as these could damage the delicate brushes on our tongues.



We LOVE toys and will be bringing lots of them to our new forever home. We especially love shredding paper and cardboard, ropes we can “preen” and toys we can hang off and dangle around on!

We love to spend time outside of our cage exploring and wrestling with each other, but will happily play inside as well.



Eric and Ernie are fantastic birds and they make us laugh so much with their antics! They will do best in a home where they have lots of space and time to play, and with someone who is willing to keep up their training.

Lorikeets are not the easiest birds to care for so you will need to do your research and make sure that you are prepared for the noise and the mess! If you can handle this, they are totally worth it!


 Location: Nothwich

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