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Hi, I’m Ella

PP number: PP636


Name: Ella


Species: Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo


Adoption fee: £300


Cage Supplied: Yes, but could do with a new one



Hi! I’m Ella, or some people call me Ella Bella (I like shout this too!). I’m quite small for a Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, but I have a big personality – I often like to pretend I’m a dog! I am a lady’s bird and don’t really get on with men.



I had been adopted for a long time but a change in circumstances meant that I needed to return to the charity.


Current Presentation:

I am a fully feathered and flighted bird, but some of my feathers are a bit untidy.



I have been learning to target train with my safehouse carers and this needs to be continued in my forever home. I’m not keen on hands at all I don’t like them in my cage much , but I now allow my safehouse carer to tickle my head when I’m in my cage. I do sometimes nip, but only when I’m frightened, and I always say sorry! I am not a cuddly bird but with time and effort I may come around.



I’m now eating Johnson and Jeff Lean and Fit seed mix, as well as daily fruit and vegetables. I am fussy with my veggies, but green beans are my favourite!



Now then this bit is important! I love chewing wood. Wooden toys, wooden blocks, wooden anything! I like playing with paper and boxes and to make a mess. I love to forage for nuts. I also like spending time out just to sit and watch people or the TV. I will usually put myself to bed in my cage, but I can also be bribed to go inside with a nut.



Ella is a lovely girl, but she can be noisy. She needs a strict routine with a patient, knowledgeable carer who can give her the training, attention and love she needs. She has lots to give in return: hours of entertainment, great company and many kisses (she is very good at blowing these!).

She doesn’t like to be on her own so needs someone who can be with her at home all day. She does not like other birds and can be very aggressive towards them, so should not be kept with any other animals – she has seen cats and dogs from the safety of her cage, but they should never be mixed.

Ella might be a diva, but she’s a nice bird really and she will melt your heart. If you think you could give her the time, attention and training she needs, please do not hesitate to apply below.


Location: Leicestershire

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